Mixer Modules that combine audio or CV.
Modulation Modules that generate modulation signals.
Collection Collections of modules.
Effect Modules that modify sound.
Synth Voice Modules that are whole synthesizers unto themselves.
Meter Modules that display information.
Visual Modules that have a strong visual component.
VCF Modules that are voltage controlled filters.
VCA Modules that are voltage controlled amplifiers.
VCO Modules that are voltage controlled oscillators.
Input-Output Modules that input or output audio, CV, or MIDI.
Building Modules used to create other modules.
SVG Graphics to use for building modules.
Utility Modules that attenuate, invert, offset, divide, etc.
Sequencer Modules that generate sequences.
Drum Modules that generate percussive sounds.

Module Category Rules [Modules] (1)
How to contribute to the official Audulus Module Library [Modules] (1)
16 band Graphic Equalizer [VCF] (4)
Audio Triggered Envelope [Utility] (1)
FoMO: Fold Modulation Operator [VCO] (5)
uChord Chord Generator [Utility] (2)
Note Beat Audio MIDI FX Synth Demo [Effect] (4)
uQuant Scale Based Quantizer [Utility] (9)
Reticulated Gate Sequencer [Sequencer] (5)
24 Scale Quantizer [Utility] (1)
uMix 4x2 with Dual Effects Sends [Mixer] (10)
Microtonal Quantizer [Utility] (5)
Oscimillator Synth Voice [Synth Voice] (10)
Korg Electribe ER1 V2.0 - Lord Gogo - 27/04/2018 [Drum] (4)
Gate to Step Modulation Converter [Building] (1)
1-Toast (after the 0-Coast) [Synth Voice] (5)
uMix 2x4, 4x4 and 8x4 Lightweight Mixers [Mixer] (6)
uPop DX Phase Modulation Operator [VCO] (1)
4 x 4 Crossbar Modulation Matrix [Utility] (2)
Old Audulus Forum Patch Collection [Collection] (1)
Sample Based Follower [Building] (10)
LFO Sequencer V3 [Sequencer] (1)
Variable Curve ADSR Envelope Generator [Modulation] (9)
8 Step Advanced Sequencer [Sequencer] (3)
Mono & Stereo VU Meters [Meter] (1)
About the Modules category [Modules] (1)