Mixer Modules that combine audio or CV. Collection Collections of modules. Visual Modules that have a strong visual component. VCA Modules that are voltage controlled amplifiers. Input-Output Modules that input or output audio, CV, or MIDI. VCF Modules that are voltage controlled filters. SVG Graphics to use for building modules. Drum Modules that generate percussive sounds. Meter Modules that display information. Building Modules used to create other modules. Sequencer Modules that generate sequences. Synth Voice Modules that are whole synthesizers unto themselves. Effect Modules that modify sound. VCO Modules that are voltage controlled oscillators. Utility Modules that attenuate, invert, offset, divide, etc. Modulation Modules that generate modulation signals.
Module Category Rules [Modules] (1)

The Modules Category is a place for you to post and download Audulus modules. There are a few rules for this category. Please read and respect them. 1. Post modules in appropriate categories. Post your oscillators unde…

How to contribute to the official Audulus Module Library [Modules] (1)

The Audulus Module Library has been a collaborative effort from the beginning. If you would like to contribute to the official Audulus Module Library and see your modules featured in the released version of Audulus, foll…

Record And Play [Sequencer] (2)
Spline-based Envelope Generator [Modulation] (5)
Simple Phase Modulation Oscillator [VCO] (6)
Polyrhythmic Tap Sequencer ( 2 3 4 5 ) [Sequencer] (90)
Hold Seq [Sequencer] (18)
ES-8 Tuning Offset Profile [Utility] (1)
FM Strings Synth Voice [Modules] (2)
Ring Modulator [Effect] (2)
CV Recorder [Utility] (12)
Wavelength Display Algorithm? [Meter] (8)
Continuous XY Pad [Modulation] (19)
uDrift One per octave detune and drift utility module [Modulation] (2)
KEG Klockable Envelope Generator [Modulation] (13)
Euclidean Seq [Modules] (1)
Microtonal Quantizer [Utility] (12)
Oscimillator Synth Voice [Synth Voice] (15)
8 Step Advanced Sequencer [Sequencer] (7)
West Cat Oscillator [VCO] (15)
uRCD Single Channel Rotating Clock Divider [Utility] (4)
uQuant Scale Based Quantizer [Utility] (11)
uSCM Shuffling Clock Multiplier [Utility] (6)
RCD - Rotating Clock Divider [Utility] (7)
Random Source with Seed Knob [Building] (2)
Noise Osc [Modules] (2)
uKarplus-Strong [Modules] (4)
Touch Tone Tools [Modules] (3)
Citrus Seq [Modules] (5)
The Garbler PLL [Effect] (9)