Polyrhythmic Subharmony Generator (Subharmonicon)

Polyrhythmic Subharmony Generator

This is an instrument heavily based on the Moog Subharmonicon, rebuilt for A4 after my older A3 version.

In short, it takes a fast clock and divides it 4 times by integers between 1-16 to create 4 slower clocks. These can be combined to generate polyrhythms. The combined clocks drive 2x4-step sequencers which go to two sets of oscillators. Each set contains a primary oscillator and 2 sub oscillators, which divide the pitch of the primary by integers between 1-16, producing interesting chords based on subharmonic intervals. Mixers, filters, VCAs and reverbs follow.

For more information on the polyrhythm and subharmony aspects, refer to the literature on the hardware.

Significant differences to the hardware:

  • Expanded Quantizer with ability to change root note, scale, and optionally tune the subs.
  • Expanded sequencer functionality (1-4 steps, forward reverse probability, modulation for each step).
  • Independent filter and amp sections for oscillator 1 and 2 (with ability to link controls).
  • Stereo width for oscillator 1 and 2.
  • Ability to decouple the gates from sequencer 1 and 2.
  • PWM setting replaced with a different oscillator shape (I wasn’t enjoying the PWM setting).
  • PWM input in the patch be replaced with oscillator sync (as I haven’t figured out how to PWM my splined square wave yet).
  • Patch Bay removed in favor of locating the I/O throughout the UI next to their source elements.
  • Gate logic (OR/XOR) modes (implemented in midi on hardware).
  • Reverb (uses a lot of CPU so turn the mix knobs off to spigot if not required).


See in patch

Version History

Revision File Date Notes
4.0 Polyrhythmic_Subharmony_Generator_4.0.audulus4 (531.9 KB) 12/1/2023 Initial release
4.1 Polyrhythmic Subharmony Generator 4.1.audulus4 (532.6 KB) 14/1/2023 Added external clock input


Open the patch and press Run. Turn on Osc2 Drone and add some reverb mix!


Hi. The uploaded patches are only showing as text, no link associated with the text.

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Sorry about that, and thanks for the heads up. Should be working now


I would like to make my own sometime. I will have to get a little better at making patches on Audulus.

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