How to contribute to the official Audulus Module Library

The Audulus Module Library has been a collaborative effort from the beginning. If you would like to contribute to the official Audulus Module Library and see your modules featured in the released version of Audulus, follow these steps below.

These rules are subject to change, but if you want to talk about them, or the module library as a whole, create a separate [meta] topic under the Modules category.

Replies to this topic are for submissions only.

Replies that are not submissions will be deleted for my sanity. I expect this thread to grow large over time, and I need to make sure it’s easy to navigate. Please respect that and only post links to your module submissions - thank you!

How to submit your module for consideration

1. Post your module in the appropriate subcategory.

e.g., VCO, Sequencer, Utility, etc. Do not repost your modules in this thread. Links only! If you post your module files here, I will know you’re not reading closely and I will tsk tsk you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

2. Put some effort into describing what the module does and how it works.

This includes description on the forum as well as comments inside the module. A node-by-node breakdown of what’s happening is best. Use screenshots and tables on the forum. Provide a demo patch that shows off what it can do.

3. Consider existing default modules.

Is your module unique enough to warrant being a default module? It’s fine if it’s just a little twist on something that’s already there, so long as the twist is worth it.

For example: Creating a exponential VCA that has a unique sound is worth submitting. Creating an exponential VCA that goes a little more exponential than the default one does is not.

4. Make sure you module conforms to Audulus signal standards.

Modulation is 0 to 1, gate is 0 or 1, audio is -1 to 1, etc.

5. Post a link to your module on the forum in the comments below.

Do not post outside of this topic about your module becoming a default - only modules submitted in the comments below will be considered.

6. Wait.

There is a huge backlog of modules waiting to be added. If yours is really stellar, it may jump ahead in the queue. But don’t be offended if it takes a while. Definitely don’t bump your post or nag about when your module will be added.

7. Be OK with rejection.

The module you submit may not be different enough, or may be too messy inside, or not well documented enough. If I reject the module, it will usually be with a note to revise and resubmit.

8. Be OK with the UI possibly changing.

The Audulus module library has some specific UI decisions that your original module may or may not have adhered to. The closer you make your module look like a standard Audulus module, the easier it will be to add.

If you are insistent that the UI is take it or leave it, please don’t submit your module for consideration. If you can make a good argument for why an exception should be made for your module, I’ll be happy to hear it, but I can’t make any promises.

9. Be OK with not getting paid.

This is a big one. We cannot afford to pay everyone for their contributions to the Audulus library. Trust us: we would if we could. Someday maybe we will. But for now, consider your module a free and open source contribution.

We do sometimes make paid commissions, especially when new big features roll out. The people we are likely to go to with these commissions are the ones who have already contributed a lot to the library.

But, if you submit your module here, that means you are giving us permission to include it freely and cannot later ask us to get paid.

You can, however, revoke your permission to use any module you make at any time for whatever reason. The next time we update Audulus, we will remove your module from the library.

In short, if the glory of seeing your creation as a default in the Audulus Module Library, and knowing that thousands of people around the world could see and use it in their music is not enough of a reward, do not submit your module for consideration.