A4 Segmented Bar Meter

Screenshot 2022-12-16 at 11.30.07 AM

A4 Bar Meter

This is a little bar meter I built while testing the A4 variable alpha graphics node. It’s primarily intended to be embedded in other modules as a compact indicator.

Update 12/16/2022 : After @jersmi pointed out how much more efficient the canvas node was for rendering graphics, I updated the design to use a canvas node internally instead of the variable alpha images in the original design. Functionality is the same


Input Signal Range Notes
signal 0-1


Meter Displays Notes
vertical segmented bar indicates input signal level

Version History

Revision File Date Notes
A4 bar meter V1.0.audulus4 (8.0 KB) 12/f15/2022 Initial upload to Forum
A4 bar meter V2.0.audulus4 (2.4 KB) 12/25/2022 updated to use a canvas node to render the bars