Flux Capacitor

Flux Capacitor

I’ve been working on thees two modules (Flux Capacitor and Wormhole) for quite some time.
They both use the technique of modulating the delay time of delay nodes to achieve phase modulation as an audio effect.

The Flux Capacitor uses this to achieve FM synthesis by modulating the delay time of delay nodes either by a built in modulation oscillator or an external modulation input.


Input Signal Range Notes
IMG_E0022 -1 to 1 Audio in (left and right)
IMG_E0031 -1 to 1 External modulation or audio input.
IMG_E0032 1/octave Controls the frequency of the modulation oscillator in VCO-mode.
The ‚freq‘ and ‚oct‘ knob add and subtract from this frequency.
If the modulation oscillator is in LFO-mode this input has no effect.

Output Signal Range Notes
IMG_E0023 -1 to 1 Audio out (left and right)


Knob, Button Function Notes
IMG_E0024 Modulation depth
IMG_E0025 Feedback Controls the amount of the effected signal that is fed back into the uneffected signal.
IMG_E0026 Width Spreads apart the phase of the modulation oscillators for left and right. This also effects the external modulation by delaying the modulation signal for the right side.
IMG_E0027 Dry / wet
IMG_E0028 Level (out) After the dry/wet mix
IMG_E0029 Soft clip Determines if the signal runs through a spline that soft clips it
(after the Level (out)) .
IMG_E0031 Modulation-signal-switch Determines if the signal from the external modulation input or the signal from the built in modulation oscillator is used for modulation of the processed signal.
IMG_E0033 Frequency Adds a value between 0 and 1 to the 1/octave control signal of the modulation oscillator if it is in VCO-mode.
If the modulation oscillator is in LFO-mode this knob directly sets its rate to a frequency between 0.05 and 25 Hz.
IMG_E0034 Octave Transposes the frequency of the modulation oscillator up or down in octaves if it is in VCO-mode.
If the modulation oscillator is in LFO-mode, this knob has no effect.
IMG_E0037 Wave form Selects the waveform of the modulation oscillator.
The lights below indicate which waveform is being used.
IMG_E0035 Modulation oscillator mode Switches between VCO and LFO mode.
IMG_E0030 Counteract modulation If the frequency of the modulation signal increases, the depth of phase modulation also increases.
To counteract this, the depth of the modulation oscillator is turned down depending on its frequency.
This knob determines how much of the counteracting is applied.
(counteracting is not applied to the external modulation signal)

Version History

Revision File Date Notes
V1.0 Flux Capacitor.audulus (114.4 KB) 03.09.19


Revision File Date Notes
v1 Glockenspielish (Flux Capacitor demo).audulus (282.2 KB) 03.09.19 Keyboard controlled
v1 Blep Blup (Flux Capacitor demo).audulus (162.4 KB) 03.09.19 Not really musical just a cool sound it can make

Neat effect. I liked the demo! :cowboy_hat_face::clap:

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