Toggle Control With Mod Input

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Toggle Control With Mod Input

This is a replacement for the Toggle node that provides an external modulation input as well as the touch controlled switch. There are three variations included. In the first, when the mod signal is high the toggle output will be high regardless of the switch state. In the inverting variant, the mod input will invert the state of the switch so that if it is on, the mod signal will switch the output low and if the switch is off the mod signal will switch the output high. The pulse version with switch the toggle state on receipt of a pulse on the mod input.


Input Signal Range Notes
modulation 0 or 1 will switch output high, invert output or toggle output depending on the variant used

Output Signal Range Notes
output 0 or 1 module output is determined by the switch and modulation input input

Version History

Revision File Date Notes
1.0 superceded 12/16/2022 Initial upload to Forum
1.1 superseded 12/16/2022 modified to use toggle node instead of touchpad
1.1a A4 Toggle with mod V1.1a.audulus4 (8.8 KB) 12/17/2022 added pulse mod version
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