How to animate knobs?

Hi. I wonder, how can I animate knobs in Audulus 4 when connected LFO or something? Check the video below:
There is the same patch opened in Audulus 3 (up) and same patch in Audulus 4 (down)

Here is a patch:
2OSC.audulus (24.8 KB)

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If you look in the analog modelling VCOs, they respond to direct modulation. Basically you mask the knob with a second drawing pass using a canvas node and do it there. @jersmi made those.

I didn’t implement that on my modules because I’m holding out hope that Taylor brings that feature back to Audulus 4. Also, you can always insert modulation into a mod input (or multiple) and still have it reflected on the knob without needing to mask the knob’s original drawing.

Make sense?

TomaszManderla – I think @biminiroad means the VCF’s.

You need to replace the A3 legacy knobs with Audulus 4 knobs for this to work. Here’s the knob setup like in the VCF’s from the library. These have Canvas nodes in place that provide a graphic overlay for the knob. Then the Canvas node Lua script is set to respond when modulation is connected directly to a port (full takeover) and/or when using a separate port for modulation (for modulating relative to knob position).

Screenshot 2023-01-11 at 2.23.39 PM

Knob-modulation.audulus4 (3.8 KB)

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Yes VCFs whoops!

I’ve change old knobs with new Audulus 4 knobs and still the same.
I’ve try Knob+modulation as jersmi mentioned. It works, but its more complicated and confusing for me. I prefer how knobs are working in Audulus3.

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I hear you – have to wait and see what develops, you are not alone.

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