Chainable Mono/Stereo Channel Strip

Mono/Stereo Channel strip

I always thought that 2 channel poly signals were a perfect way to transport stereo signals but A3 had some limitations in its implementation that made it somewhat impractical. Version 4 has expanded the capabilities of the poly nodes so I was finally able to build this extendable mixer. Each channel strip features auto mono/stereo detection, a gain and pan control (balance for stereo signals) and a dual channel VU meter. O dB on the meter is set at approximately 5 db below clipping. There are clipping indicators for both channels and a stereo output bus. Individual modules can be chained and there is a master module that controls overall gain and pan and also splits the stereo signal for convenience. Documentation is included in the description field of each module

Version History

Revision File Date Notes
1.0 superceded 01/15/2023 Initial upload to forum
1.1 Chainable Stereo Channel Strip V1.1.audulus4 (57.6 KB) 01/24/2023 Added a strip with a mute toggle and two lightweight strips without meters.