A4 Variable Curve ADSR

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Variable Curve ADSR Envelope Generator

Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release module with adjustable curves for each section. The initial attack value can be set from 0 - 100% of the gate height and the final decay value can be set from 0 - 1. This allows for various envelope shapes where the initial attack does not have to be the highest value:
as well as envelopes that start high and dip


Input Signal Range Notes
gate 0 ~ 1 Envelope Trigger - accepts velocity signal as gate
Output Signal Range Notes
envelope 0 - gate height at any stage signal is a % of initial gate height


[Knob, Button, Spline, and/or Mapper] Function Notes
top row sets the time to reach the end of the current step
middle row sets the end level for the current step level is a % of the initial gate height
bottom row set the curvature of the current step curve goes from exponential to logarithmic with linear at 50%

Version History

Revision File Date Notes
A4 Variable Curve ADSR V1.7.audulus4 (18.4 KB) 12/14/2022 A4 version of A3 variable curve ADSR

Fantastic update to a great module! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: