Timing Collection

A4 Timing Collection

This is a collection of modules intended to provide timing for a patch. It has a master clock and a number of modules that support a wide variety of timing scenarios. It has a note output, a switching counter, an alarm, a random gate, a sequential switch and an eight step gate sequencer. The collection features a poly-channel timing bus that allows additional modules to be easily added. Each module is documented in the description file for the module. The sequential switch allows up too four sequencers to be chained supporting a 32 step sequence using the included sequencer.

Version History

Revision File Date Notes
3.1 superceded 01/12/2023 Initial upload to Forum
3.2 Timing Collection V3.2.audulus4 (147.2 KB) 01/13/2023 minor bug fixes


Revision File Date Notes
3.2 Timing collection V3.2 Demo.audulus4 (567.2 KB) 01/13/2023 initial upload - this is a bit heavy so feel free to delete the Ding! module if you can’t get it to run

Thanks as always for sharing your developments and knowledge…

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This is so clever, bravo! Making a 3-way switch by hiding a trigger node under the canvas!

You could use a touch pad node so that you wouldn’t have to rely on a cycling effect and could just tap approximately left/middle/end, but still, this is great, I was puzzling over it for a few minutes until I finally saw the trigger node there.


I thought about using a touchpad but the toggle node responds to a touch so I decided to stay consistent with the toggle behavior. I might try using a touchpad but you need a fair bit of room if you want to mask the circle indicator. It would be nice if you could turn that off. Looks like I forgot to add this to the master canvas. It’s easier to build these little submodules but the CPU savings are worth it.

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