Template Starting points and suggested patches.
Generative Music Ever different and changing music created by a system.
Keyboard Controlled Patches that are primarily controlled using a keyboard.
Live Performance Patches used for performing live.
Sequencer Controlled Patches that are primarily controlled by sequencers.
Songs Patches that are complete songs with a beginning and ending.

Chainable One-shot Sequencers [Generative Music] (5)
Generating triads ( 2 ) [Generative Music] (28)
Injera: Etheobread [Generative Music] (3)
3 Operator PM Synth [Patches] (5)
Neo-Riemannian Drone [Generative Music] (1)
Wavetable* Synthesis for Dummies [Generative Music] (4)
Oscimillator Patch for KM BopPad Drum Interface [Keyboard Controlled] (1)
Scaled FM Sequence [Sequencer Controlled] (11)
Gate Creeper [Keyboard Controlled] (1)
Harmonic Holiday [Generative Music] (5)
Something basic I made on a plane [Patches] (3)
UltraNova ARP Clone [Keyboard Controlled] (5)
The Portal [Keyboard Controlled] (1)
2 Voice x 4 Patch Designed for KM BopPad Interface [Keyboard Controlled] (1)
About the Patches category [Patches] (1)