Complete newbie question

I am a modular hardware guy, but new to Audulus.
I have a question that could be about almost any module, but I wil ask it specificly in context of envelopes:
I notice, that none of the envelope modules have mod inputs for their various parameters. Say, I would like to modulate the Attack time of an envelope, what would be the normal approach? Do I need to alter the module, I.E. open it, add an input and make the corresponding change to the UI?

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Hi @LarsDaniel
Welcome to Audulus (and its community)
In Audulus 3 every knob is also an input. You can directly connect a cable to a knob to automation / modulation it.

If you have any other other questions feel free to ask.
Until then, happy patching :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ah, brilliant!
Thanks. :pray:t2:

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Hey @LarsDaniel, you may already be set with this concept, but just in case you are not yet, I also threw together a small patch with examples of attenuation methods, since you are new to the concept of modulating knobs directly. I hope you will find this to be helpful! Also, welcome to the Audulus Forum; we are very happy to have another builder/tinkerer/explorer of all things audio in our midst! :blush:

Attenuation Examples.audulus (204.9 KB)

Edit: since you are new, and possibly using a Mac (or if you bought this like a year ago or more, Windows or Linux machine) and wary about opening foreign items from strangers, here are the items I wanted to highlight for you:

This is a simple attenuator module

and this is what is inside of it (just a level node with a knob to control the level’s amount of signal it is allowing through it)

and this is how a lot of the more experienced builders do things, with the attenuation and other adjustments (like inc/dec amplitude, raise/lower the value of the signal output by a specific amount, etc.) all built into the module before the output

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