Audulus 4 AUv3 patch management On IOS


Just picked up Audulus 4 and and starting to use this in AUM and Cubasis, and I am confused about patch management for patches and templates, both inside the app as a standalone app, and within AUv3 instruments.

Basically My questions break down to this:

  1. Where do I find patch’s I make as an AUv3 instrument in the standalone app?
  2. Where do AUv3 patches go in the file/folder structure in the Files app?
  3. How can I create and add to the templates section both in auv3 mode, as well as standalone and how can I access templates in auv3 mode?
  4. I watched the “SoundforMore” Audulus tutorial on sharing patches between the standalone and auv3 app, and am wondering if open the standalone app and dragging patches into the auv3 app is the only way to share patches?
  5. It appears pre-v4 “.Audulus” files are unopenable by the v4 app and create .audulus4 versions. Is this expected and do we lose anything during the conversion?

I apologize if these things are obvious and my abilities to search are not working, but I just haven’t been able to figure these things out. I am generally perplexed at file management for this app, as it really seems to rely on the basic OS “Files” app for patch management.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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I have the same questions.
Would love to get a detailed response.
Great app, I just need to figure out the same as what you’re looking for.

I’m no Audulua expert but maybe some of this helps some of the issues raised…

If you use the Files app on your iPad and open the iCloud drive and navigate to the Audulus 4 folder there should be a Modules folder. Inside that folder, you should find (or that’s where you should put) your Audulus patches/templates. Answers your (2).

Similarly, if you open the On My IPad location in the Files app all your standalone stuff should be in the Modules folder there. Answers your (1).

Your Q3 is trickier. If I have a standalone preset that I want in the AUv3 version inside AUM for example this is what I do. Open both AUM and the Audulus 4 standalone app. Open the preset/patch I want in the standalone app, drag and select all patch nodes and copy. In AUM, create a blank preset and paste and you should have a working preset. When saving new presets in AUM, be careful to pick ‘Plugin’ if you want the patch available in Audulus outside of AUM.

Regarding your Q4, yes.

Regarding your Q5, not my experience, I have successfully opened v3 files in Audulus 4. I find though, that saving these pre-v4 patches first to my iMac and opening them in Audulus 4 there does the ‘conversion’. I then Airdrop them to my iPad.

Hope some of this helps good luck…

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