Is this legit?



So, I’m pretty much lost in this amazing forrest one can create itself. It also threw me way back to basics before synths even existed. Audulus is really also a great curiosity generator in my opinion. Allready I understand and get my head around many things I never really got into. (Just not too long ago learned to manipulate and use an LFO. Before that, it was just controlling me :)). Here’s the thing: I’ve been experimenting for who knows how long on this simple patch.(see pic). And it has great dronescapes as an outcome! But, is this a ‘legal’ rule? Like, it makes sense, but I still get an F for the math sake of it? Or is it just modular clumsy noobness? Let me know.

That’s certainly a legitimate patch. You are modulating the amplitude of the second oscillator with the output of the first which can result in some interesting timbres depending on the relative frequencies of the oscillators. If you want to explore FM (frequency modulation) instead of AM, move the knob to amp and connect the first oscillator to the Hz input of the second. That way you will be modulating the frequency of the second oscillator. Actually any patch that doesn’t result in a lock-up of Audulus is “legal”. You do need to be careful with run-away feedback loops. They won’t hurt Audulus or your iPad but if you have headphones of speakers attached, a max volume high frequency squeal can do some damage either to your speakers or your ears. It’s a good idea to always start with the volume down when experimenting

You will notice that the oscillator module from the library has an “o” input instead of “Hz”. It’s still a frequency input but instead of a raw frequency it represents a scale. 0 is middle A or 440 Hz, 1 is one octave up (220 Hz) and -1 is one octave down. each semitone is 1/12 so middle C would be 3/12. The library modules use this 1 per octave scale to make the math simpler. You can get any note by simple addition.

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Thanks! Getting into that!

Im seconding that .

I’ve seen patches that misused almost everything, but they created awesome sounds so who cares :slightly_smiling_face:

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