Just PMOsc

Just PMOsc.audulus (1.3 MB)

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Nice pocket tune :+1:

Somehow your tune reminded me of this:

(Probably because both have melodic stuff, a heavy kick and some weird fm/pm noises :smile:)

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I am really enjoying the drum tools you made. Your kicks are extremely useful. Often, I’ll just record the kick and dump it because of my cpu limits. I am looking forward to just continuing along with synthesis — so much to explore. I will push myself to make more complicated tracks, but I have always been a sucker for simple Chicago house.

At the same time, it doesn’t strike me as music to stare at. Seems to work best with multiple tracks mixed end to end, played in the background while doing dishes.

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Thanks :smiley:

I really enjoy making these modules so it’s great to hear that you find them useful.

Btw if you have any suggestions for specific percussive sounds I would be happy to try and make them (I get to learn and make stuff and you get new modules so … win win :upside_down_face:)

I think there is nothing wrong with simple tracks but if making more complicated stuff is really what you want, sure go for it :smiley:

A shaker that can be driven by an LFO.

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like this?
noise shaker.audulus (119.5 KB)

Yeah that’s great.

Shake Shake.audulus (1.6 MB)

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Thoughts on other percussion modules:

It would be ideal to have an array of primitive/global/tribal/? instruments. I was using Korg Gadget yesterday to feed midi to Audulus and although I like the workflow in Gadget, having worked in Audulus for a while, I found the internal sound pallets very dull and generic. They should have someone go in there and reshelve the presets! What I like with Audulus is that when I get several voices going I always want to tweak them to each other. With Gadget, I find myself pitching, enveloping and EQing, but it’s not the same as working with the raw modules.

I imagine that in terms of a set of primitive modules, one approach would be to try to find the central essence of a sound so that deviations from this core would lead to sonically interesting territories. I believe that’s what makes certain digital Eurorack modules justifiable — you have an array of wide-ranging parameters open for exploration to the degree to which the results are worthwhile.

So the step in this direction is to investigate all kinds of different tools. One could even include the upside down plastic bucket snare, for example.

I really like this channel:

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I made an actual track with your noise shaker. I think it’s fantastic how it runs off an LFO. In fact, all of the percussion on this one is from your collection.

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That sounds great :+1: (but a little bit much talking for my taste)

Well the LFO thing was your idea. I just put the noise module through a band pass filter … thats it :smile:


A little status update on the quest of synthesizing primitive/global/tribal percussion instruments (since this is already a month back):

I did some research and experimentation, and although this definitely brought me further, it also showed me how complex these kinds of sounds really are. I also made some new module
-prototypes to extend my drum synthesis module collection/framework, because the modules it is currently made up of, aren’t the best for these kinds of sounds, since they were made with the typical synthetic percussion sounds in mind.

I do not have any finished new patches to share yet, but I do have one pretty good sounding realistic-drum-prototype that I would like to share. So here it is:
PT.audulus (1.7 MB)

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This prototype is fantastic. Maybe I can sketch it this way:

This Audulus world, this small corner is some sort of exotic treasure — an ancient artifact from a staggeringly advanced society. I turn it over in my hand by the light drawing in through the window, it reveals structures that don’t quite end but also present continuous folds of detail. When I sit with it time stops and this buzzing smooths my thinking into some pure act of adjusting, adjusting…

When I share what I have carved it is a result; but the object is not the carving, the smoothing, or the gazing.

The tools I find here on the forum are priceless and I am sorry that sounds over the top. That particular wave I surfed this past summer was also priceless, when the ocean and I made sense together. There is a drag to things and there are moments of light, but this realm of synthesis with the many who build modules and all — seems like the path that hidden places beckon of.


PT res 2.audulus (721.2 KB)

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:open_mouth: ooh I really like how the delay brings out the different overtones
nice patch :+1:


You made my day with this comment/description/poem… (to me it is art)


I also adjusted some of the splines into peaks inside the module. I am hoping that in Audulus 4 there will be a way to modulate the spline points.


Oh yes that would be awesome

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