Double Finger Press on Screen with IOS

While working with Audulus on my iPad, sometimes I like to plug in a wireless keyboard and use it more like a regular computer.

One thing I like about the touchscreen interface on the iPad is the double finger press and drag to get to different parts of the patch. It is easy to do and quick to get around.

On a trackpad you can enlarge and shrink the patch by using a double finger drag up or down. But I have not figured out if you can drag a patch in any direction using the trackpad or even a mouse.

This would be great to navigate larger patches when using keyboard and trackpad or mouse. I know that Macs have the double finger click on the trackpad is like a right-click with a mouse so that might not work well. But the Cmd-A could work to “Select All.” Then a click and drag anywhere might work.

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I agree, proper Trackpad support would be great. That’s the main way I use my iPad Pro these days.