So, here’s my first module I’d like to share on the forum. I called it ‘Toccatinator’ which is inspired by keyboard pieces of old masters such as Daquin and Scarlatti. I uploaded the module together with my favorite settings. So it’s a patch and a module. I hope the relative complexity of it compliments the simplicity of it after all. Inside the module is some documentation on how stuff works. Also included, are the 0 to 8 octave in Hz patches. So one may choose whatever basic scale, pattern or motif to set to the mux8 inside the module. In this case I used a ‘CMinor’ scale. The inputs labeled ‘seq/knob’ are just for any of those combined in any way one likes. I think this patch and module would be specially nice to play around with for people completely new to Audulus. The rest I leave to one’s imagination. Hope you enjoy!
Toccatinator…audulus (140.6 KB)

And here’s how the patch looks like.

I think this is really nice – simple and elegant.

By the way, this does not work as intended in the current Audulus 4 beta because in A4 knobs are only/always in the (normalized) range 0 to 1. I think it sounds like it’s intended to when it starts up. But if a knob range was set to something other than 0 to 1, it no longer works as intended as soon as the knob is touched (because A4 sets it to normalized when the knob is touched).

In order to get this to do what sounded like the intended setup, I just added an expression between the sum and the mux selection port in the Toccatinator module to scale the normalized knobs to the mux (with 8 items) – I used floor(x*7.99).

Thanks Jersmi! I’ll keep that in mind. By the way, is it going to be inevitable to upload to A4 or is it possible to have still A3 or even both?

Good question, I’m not sure – that would be a question for Taylor. I’d guess that when the time comes it would be good to move towards A4, for new features, etc.

It would be a good idea to use the clamped version of the knob in V3. The original knob allowed you to set a range for the knob, however this made sharing modules somewhat more difficult since the knob can be modulated by any external signal. By restricting the knob value to the range 0 to 1, a module designer can insure that any external modulation is acceptable. Similarly it’s good practice to ensure that any external modulation inputs are clamped appropriately. We found it helpful to limit modulation to the 0 to 1 range to ensure that modules from different designers can interoperate.

Audulus version 4 will be a separate product so there won’t be an automatic upgrade from version 3. I expect you will be able to continue to run version 3 so long as it will still run on whatever version of iPadOS is installed. That being said, I wouldn’t expect @Taylor to continue to support version 3 after version 4 is released.


Thanks gentlemen! I’ll keep that in mind.