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Using backticks to highlight expressions (3)

When talking about Audulus, you’re bound to find yourself writing some mathematical expressions. A nice way to make these expressions stand out of your posts’ text is to use the code comment feature. This uses a set of…

How to Download Audulus Patches on iOS (1)

If you are on an iOS device like an iPad or iPhone you’ll need to follow these steps to download patches from this forum. Once you have your iOS device set up to download Audulus files, you will only need to tap on th…

How to set up your forum preferences, view stats, and message people (1)

Getting to know your User Preferences Discourse provides a lot of great options to set up your user profile. It’s worth exploring all of the options so you can tailor your Audulus forum experience. User Preferences [pr…

How to make pretty formulas with MathJax (1)

An exciting new feature of the Audulus Discourse forum is that it supports MathJax, which is a way of making formulas look pretty. For example: You can create a simple wavefolder with a knob that controls the amount of …

Making tables for better module descriptions (1)

So you’ve just created a module and want to share it on the Audulus forum. Congrats! You probably spent a long time on it - arranging the UI, adding labels, lights, and SVGs. So why not go the extra mile and present it …

Basic Markdown formatting (1)

The Audulus forum uses Markdown to format text. This is what the above text looks like when editing: The _Audulus_ forum uses [Markdown]( to format **text**. This might seem a little intimi…

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