Making tables for better module descriptions



So you’ve just created a module and want to share it on the Audulus forum. Congrats!

You probably spent a long time on it - arranging the UI, adding labels, lights, and SVGs. So why not go the extra mile and present it in a really compelling and informative way on the forum?

Tables go a long way to presenting your module. Check out the example below to see why.


Pattern Bank Gate Sequencer

The Pattern Bank Gate Sequencer is a gate sequencer with 64 preset patterns. The module turns a steady clock input into rhythmic patterns. You can use these patterns for triggering drums or synths.


Input Signal Range Notes
Input-Gate 0 or 1 Master clock input
Input-Reset 0 or 1 Reset input

Output Signal Range Notes
Output-Gate 0 or 1 Pattern output.
Preserves input clock pulse width.


Knob Function Notes
Knob-Pattern Pattern Select Selects one of 16 preset patterns per bank.
Knob-Bank Bank Select Selects one of 4 preset banks.


Meter Displays Notes
Meter-Bank Current Bank Bank 1: Kick
Bank 2: Snare
Bank 3: Hi-Hat
Bank 4: Percussion
Meter-Pattern Current Pattern

How to Make Tables

Tables are easy to make in Markdown. The only requirement is that you have at least two columns.

Column 1 | Column 2 | Column 3
Left Justified | Centered | Right Justified
Insert <br> breaks | use **formatting** | do _anything_
Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
Left Justified Centered Right Justified
use formatting do anything

You can also insert pictures. This is what the Displays table above looks like in Markdown.

Meter | Displays | Notes
![Meter-Bank\|98x65](upload://x29rLbRO0G6OnW1u8XfFQtwT6q9.png) | `Current Bank` | Bank 1: Kick <br> Bank 2: Snare <br> Bank 3: Hi-Hat <br> Bank 4: Percussion
![Meter-Pattern\|108x108](upload://a7AvmXUB3f53YDgwrYkdobTbYP0.jpg) | `Current Pattern`


When you upload a picture to the forum, the picture comes up in the editor as


The straight bar | that separates them will interfere with column construction. To fix this, add a backslash \ after the file name.

This won’t work:


But this will:


You can also tweak the resolution to resize your pictures.




This works best with square images, but try not to upload huge image files and then just resize them like that - it saves the forum a little hosting space over the long run.

ProTip: Getting good screenshots

First, take a screenshot of your whole module. Save the original and use that as your main picture.

Resize it if appropriate. I usually resize to 30% of the original on my Retina screen. They just need to be big enough to be legible but small enough so that they don’t take up the whole screen on the forum. You might need to do a little experimentation to get it right.

Then, from the resized screenshot, crop the portions you want to describe in the tables and save them with sensible names like Input-Gate.png, Input-Reset.png, Output-Gate.png, Knob-Pattern, etc. This helps when uploading so you can keep the filenames straight.

Make sure you don’t use spaces in the file names. Use dashes - or underscores _.

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