How to make pretty formulas with MathJax

An exciting new feature of the Audulus Discourse forum is that it supports MathJax, which is a way of making formulas look pretty.

For example: You can create a simple wavefolder with a knob that controls the amount of folding by using the expression sin(signal*(Knob^2*(1000))).

Why not instead write it like this?

sin\Biggl(signal\Bigl(Knob^2(1000)\Bigr) \Biggr)

The above expression looks like this when typed into the editor window:


For the big, centered equations like the one above, the $$ signs must be on their own lines.

If you use only one $ it looks like this: sin\Biggl(signal\Bigl(Knob^2(1000)\Bigr)\Biggr) which is in-line with your text.

The $ signs can be in-line with the formula, like this:


Audulus’ expression node does not (yet) support the shorthand x(y) algebraic notation. You must type instead x*y. I point this out only to note that sometimes it might be better to use the explicit notation that the expression node uses.

For more about the MathJax syntax, refer to this quick tutorial on Stack Exchange.

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