Why all these old topics seem new


You might notice that a ton of old posts have surfaced (and maybe inadvertently buried more topical, new stuff). This is because I just went through and cleared out a bunch of seldom used forum subcategories. To do that, I had to recategorize the posts, which evidently make them appear like new posts.

That’s all to say if something is missing, you just need to dig back a little, or look at your own personal history, and these topics will bubble back up.

Good thing is this won’t happen again, as I feel like the forum categories are pretty dialed in now. If you have any questions, let me know! :slight_smile:


What categories got the ax?


Mostly the specific subcategories like under build there was building help and clones - now it’s just all under build (since clones was always more module-oriented, maybe @rudigermeyer wouldn’t mind if I recategorize his Hordijk series under modules?).

There was also “General News” which is now just in News, and “Apple News” which I don’t even know what I was thinking when I put it up there lol. Also, hardware is more general now, losing all its subcategories. The tags will be able to separate them out better and it just looks better to have them all together in one rather than just a few in each category.


As long as there are no changes to the URLs, I have no objection.


Yeah discourse is great for that - you can change the title of a post or category and the link will still work. Thanks!