What's your background?


Hey there, i’m just curious

Since i started to take part in the community last year, and looking at the forum,
i noticed that most of you seems to be pretty advanced in digital signal processing, maths and visual programming as well. What’s your background, what brought you to the Audulus world ?

Finally, what are you using it for, fun, work ?
i want to hear your story !


There’s an About Me section in your user profile You can view other user’s entries by selecting their user icon. We should probably encourage people to fill their’s out :cowboy_hat_face:


i thought it would be nicer to have a big ol’ conversation about that, not every users took the time to create their bio, but i do believe that everyone has something interesting to say :slight_smile:


I’m a visual artist specializing in commissioned illustrations, but in between jobs I tend to make music.


Oh ! i’d expect from you a coding or at least an audio engineering degree,
but nope you’re just smart lol


Did you learn everything with Audulus ?


I was a systems analyst and custom software developer before I retired. I’ve been a musician of one sort or another since I was a kid. Played mostly guitar and some keyboards. Never was able to afford a real synth so Audulus was my first serious synth experience.


My background is mainly graphics programming. I pretend to be an audio developer :slight_smile:

On the musical side, I’ve played guitar in various rock bands.


Oh yeah it’s kind of obvious, Audulus’s design is like a 21/20
hands down, my favorite modular environnement so far


I got started in audio design by stumbling my way into a job at Endangered Audio Research where I helped design features and do assembly. I parted ways with them recently to focus more on Audulus though.

Most of what I learned about synthesis and DSP came from working with Audulus, though. I barely knew what an envelope was before I used Audulus.

Before all that I was primarily a dishwasher and baker. I went to school for English - wanted to be an high school English teacher for a long time but decided against it eventually.


These still seem like important parts of your life. :bread::baguette_bread::stuffed_flatbread:


Washing dishes and baking awesome bread are definitely two ways to keep the magic in your marriage!


That’s interesting. I’m the baker in our family. I wonder if there’s a connection? :cowboy_hat_face:


Baking is all about science and magic, so yes!


Well, i recently learned to make my own sourdough bread,
should we have a ‘Bread and Synths’ convention happening ? :grinning:


It’s the best! I learned how to make it from Flour Water Salt Yeast. That book and Salt Fat Acid Heat are the two most indispensable cookbooks.

Here are some pictures of my baked goods:


these looks amazing, trust me on this, i’m french born and raised, i live in Paris, and i approve these pictures !


Ahh merci! It’s helpful to have a dutch oven - it seals in the steam which gives the bread a thicker crust. The recipes in the book are dead simple and it only took about 3 sub-par loaves at first to start making them like this every time. I love how they all look unique and have their own character.

I have never been able to buy bread that is as good as I can make it at home. Even at the nice bakeries in town. I’m sure if I lived in a bigger city, or of course went to France, that I could find better bread, but it just goes to show how easy it is to make killer bread at home with just those four ingredients.

The flatter loaf in the 2nd picture is topped with asiago btw, and the sweetbread below it is an orange bread.


Music from an unfinished tutorial on making bread with Makgeolli

Know Your No Knead Bread pt 1 - Makgeolli

I’m just dipping my toe in the water of digital music. I’m a hobby guitar player and don’t get enough time to play or haul my babies around every where. Digital music making could be done anywhere