What's your background?


Hi y’all! My name is László and I’m a French immigrant living in Los Angeles.
I moved to LA 12 years ago, I lived in the Bay Area to go to UC Berkeley between 2013 and 2015 for Art Practice. Primarily did sculpture, installation and sound pieces.

I worked for a long time in the film industry recording production sound and doing post-production work as well (mixing, sound design, music composition primarily). I also worked in live and recorded broadcast TV as an audio technician. I recently started working at Native Instruments a little over a month ago and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying working in a place where you can make music on your breaks! :wink:

That said, I’m very new to visual programming. I dabble in Max MSP, and I know some Processing. I also used to be a big Reaktor user. Completely a synth nerd, so I knew the general architecture of synthesis before getting into Audulus.
I also opened a very humble record label/sound lab called Triangle Wave Records.

I hope I didn’t bore anyone who read this, hahaha.


Hey un autre Français !
bienvenu :slight_smile: t’as des liens vers ta musique ?


Hello, I live in Devon, UK. I used to play the guitar for a long time in a lot of different styles and scenarios. Long story short, My playing became more and more minimalist until the point that I would just play one string over and over listening to the single notes wobbling around. At that point I kind of felt like I had manoeuvred myself into a corner so I stopped playing all together and pursued other interests. Discovering modular synthesis and the idea that you take the single note wobbling around and start crafting it has fascinated me. I am here trying to learn how to do that.


Hi - just bought a copy of Audulus for iOS, so here’s my introduction:

I was born in the south of England, but have lived in the US for the last decade and a half, with some time in Australia in between. For a few years I tried to make a living from music, theater, DJ-ing, working as a studio engineer, but eventually focused more on making money from having a ‘real’ job and music became more of an obsession/hobby. At college I majored in Electronic Engineering, and then in Computer Systems Engineering, so I have some pretty good background in math, digital logic, electronic filters, etc.

As far as instruments go, I have (and still do) play quite a few, mostly stringed instruments and woodwind, but I am an OK piano player too. The instruments I pick up most now are my 7 string electric and my EWI, but just recently I have been spending a lot of time playing around with apps on iOS. I make a lot of my music in Ableton live, but rather than recording live instruments, most of my recent stuff has been done with VCV Rack and Pure Data (still learning it though).

Audulus seems like a really cool tool, and I hope to be able to contribute to this forum in the near future when I start to get to grips with it.


Just bought Audulus for MacOS and really like what I am seeing. I am a retired IT Executive who worked for 36 years for a large international Architecture/Engineering firm. I wrote books & magazine articles, wrote CAD software, was a paid speaker for industry events, managed a large staff, traveled all over the US but never had time for my musical interests.

But now, it is all about music - I played some keyboard and guitar for many years but I recently took the dive into Eurorack crack and I am hooked on synthesis. So far, Audulus is a great accessible tool for learning synthesis - the Know Your Nodes videos are great - looking forward to learning from all of you!


I am also french, pursuing a PhD in mathematics, and I’ve been passionate about music and maths since I was a kid. I have slowly drifted from piano to orchestra samples to sound synthesis. Sound synthesis, especially with modular synths, is the perfect way for me to reconcile my two interests in music and maths :slight_smile:

Real modular walls are beautiful but so expensive (300$ an oscillator!) ! And you can’t copy paste hardware modules… Audulus is really the best for me.