Synth Clone Wishlist Megathread



The Oscimillator patch I made started out as a BIA clone, but I couldn’t fine enough documentation regarding the math in the different modes.

Also, as is typical of digital modules, it has three modes. This means that you would probably need to massively complicate the inner workings of the Audulus module and drain CPU. I found that the multiple instances of the oscimillator was enough for me, but I suppose it might be a challenge for someone to take on.


It’s not a full take on Clouds, but Michael Hetrick ported the Oliverb algorithm to Reaktor Blocks, which (it I’m not mistaken) is the same reverb used in Clouds.

Maybe someone defter than I can port it from Reaktor to Audulus. Or maybe I will some day (after I learn DSP a little better)