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Use this thread to request clones of synths and synth modules. Search first before requesting something someone’s already asked for already.

I’ll start.


I’ve wanted to create a Minimoog clone for some time.

We have the Moog-style ladder filter clone in the Audulus library now, so what’s stopping us?

It would be great to have a version that is laid out as closely as possible to the original, and a more condensed version that is fits more into the module library’s aesthetic.

It would also be great to just have a Minimoog-style VCO module, like the the AJH Minimod.


I’d like something like the geiger counter or shape shifter which is basically a bunch of wavetables that you can use as wave shapers or oscillators.


I love the ems vcs3 “putney”or the equivalent iOS app iVCS3.
So iconic and a blast to play with. Get your Floyd on or make dr who noises. would love a real one but they rare as now and $$$$
I would hate to have to assemble the 16x16 pinbay in Audulus . That could be done with the switches sure. but I’m entirely too dumb to work all that routing out myself.


I think Behringer has plans to rerelease the VCS3, but I feel you.
I think you can probably play around with the 4x4 pin matrix version while I dig up the 16x16 version.

Edit: Turns out I only ever made a 8x8 routing matrix – (RHS Routing Matrix.audulus). 16x16 is gonna take a while.


Behringer are redoing the entire back catalogue of great old synths by the looks of it. A vcs3 or synthi would be sick. I’ve also seen a vid on YouTube where a guy made up a housing with all midi pots and had a iPad in the middle running the iVCS3 emulation. It was rad.


Mescaline, or any other synth with breadboards, and a variety of simulated resistor/capacitor/etc components to shove in there.


Something like this:


I have the Geiger Counter Pro and have access to the Geiger Counter. Let me know if you would like me to run anything through it or try any audio tests @robertsyrett or anybody else trying to clone this one. Here’s a copy of the wavetable sheet and manual:
Wavetable Sheet


The Loquelic Iteritas would be another great one by Noise Engineering to see somebody tackle.


Have you seen this yet? Official software versions of the NE modules o_0


I did! I don’t have Reason and haven’t used it for over 10 years probably, but this got me thinking about it again. They look like really solid rack extensions for it.


Why not a buchla 259e? or 291e ?


2nd request : Make Noise Phonogene and Erbe Verb


week end suggestions :slight_smile:

Mutable Rings
Mutable Clouds


Hey @jbaptiste64,
In case you missed it, @robertsyrett made a great module that would probably meet your Mutable Rings request here: uKarplus-Strong module


I’d love to see an Audulus clone of the Moog Model 15. To be fair, it’s a great iOS app on its own, but there are certain features I wouldn’t mind adding to it, like a couple more LFOs, a sequencer and maybe some more effects?


Why don’t you mess around with building a subtractive synth out of some of the modules and that moog filter? Or is that too obvious?


It WOULD be cool to have an all-in-one type module for that though! Just a neat thing to have. I assume we could make versions that were like each module by themselves and one where they’re all in a single patch but with patch points and looking relatively the same as the Model 15’s layout.


@biminiroad an all-in-one Audulus version of the Moog Grandmother would be pretty neat too!


48%20AM Why? Because it is a analog inspired digital drum module.

Also, because it seems as though most of this stuff has already been done around here. It would just need to be put into a tight little module. I think that because the Basmililus receives such favourable reviews, it would be in Audulus’ interest to flex its muscles and show that it could do it; let alone the fact that it could be a foundation to create something even more interesting based off of it. Myself, I was over the moon when I saw @stschoen’s Akemie’s Castle. There is just something exciting about a faithful simulation. That and the fact that you can watch youtube videos on the module in question and try some of the ideas out in Audulus, which helps to understand what is happening in the patches.