Synth Clone Wishlist Megathread



Now I understand the question about results for just one octave! This thing is just a sort of random scale generator, so it should be able to pull from more than just one octave, so I’m working on spreading over the “two octave, plus one” range as before. Right now I’m taking the number of tones in the current scale (which changes every clock cycle) and applying the 2n+1 to it. Of course, my sequencers have a 16 step limit, and you can create a 12-tone scale with this thing, leading to 25 tones, so some limits need setting. I’m having to goose the limits on my i/o converters* to get the span right. Not sure why it’s giving me such a hard time. I’ll wait until I see how the present version works before I upload anything.

*(I use the I/O converters when connecting an integer output to a knob override. I made all the knobs on the sequencer observe the 0-1 convention)


One thing I’m enjoying about this Marble* Madness thing, at least with my histogram-based implementation, is that there’s an unlimited population size, so if you have a tune loping along in A, say, and you want to jump to the fifth, you can just start playing where you want it to go and it’ll morph into place as you up the probability for that slot, without missing a beat. Pretty fun!

*I’ve never seen the original beast myself, just descriptions of its behavior.


Out to run some errands. This has the wider tone range applied to just the top tone loop. I liked the bottom loop doing a kind of narrow bass run underneath. I need to find my patch with the knobs that let me set as many of the tones to play as I wanted, out to 25 tones for a chromatic scale, and starting wherever I wanted, rather then just from the root tone. I’ll probably give up looking for it and make one, knowing full well that after making the new one I’ll find the old one, sitting there in plain sight.

For now, the seems to be working for me pretty well, so I’ll post it with the klunky tone range expansion. Looking fwd to hearing of any gotchas you might find.

2 2 loop polyrhythm tone seq chord apregg v 11.30.18-3 marble scale.audulus (2.7 MB)

This screenshot shows the fairly traditional choice of hitting some common chord tones from the key of A.