Quadmod sequencer


Quadmod sequencer

Sequencer based on nested mod functions


Input Signal Range Notes
rst anything value > 0

Output Signal Range Notes
hz 1/Hz for tempo syncing
saw 0 to 1 in 64 bars
g 0 or 1 width modulated gate
tp 0 or 1 0.001 second trigger or half stage pulse, only when seq value > 0
m 0 to 1 direct seq values can be fed back to another sequencer
o 0 to 1 S&H seq value


Control Function Notes
bpm Tempo for all sequencers
outc Outer cycle Total sequence length
inc Inner cycle Length of nested sequence
cycph Cycles phase Cycles the phase of the sequence
shift Sequence shift Shifts sequence along sequencer
gt Gate tempo
st Sequencer tempo Follows gate tempo & becomes the max tempo when latched to the gate tempo
latch Tempo latch Latches sequencer tempo to gate tempo as described above, else they’re independent
slower 16 x slower Shifts the tempo range for gate and sequence
Pend Pendulum Reverses the inner cycle when the count reaches just over half way
rev Reverse Reverses the inner cycle count
shuffle Shuffle Shuffles every other beat, duplet or tripplet
sht Shuffle tempos >= Sets shuffle when modulating the tempo
grep Gate repeat continuous gates even when seq value > 0
tp Trigger or pulse described in outputs


The sequencer is based on a saw, 64 bars long or 1024 1/16ths

A count is created from the saw, defined by the sequencer division.

Gates are created from the saw, defined by the gate division.

The count and the gate work in parallel but the saw for the gates needs a z-1 to capture the parallel count.

All sequencer movements are controlled by mod functions and maths.

Version History

Revision File Date Notes

1| Quadmod sequencer v1.audulus (648.4 KB)
|28/12/2018 | 4 * 16


Revision File Date Notes

1| Quadmod sequencer demo 3.audulus (3.7 MB)



I don’t quite understand the formatting yet. Would like to fix if someone knows what’s going on, there’s info missing on the functions.



When inserting an image into a table you need to escape the pipe character before the size by putting a backslash before it. I did the first one.

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I fixed it! I just went ahead and deleted the | marks between the titles of the images and their dimensions. This is a truly massive module and I’ll have to dive into it this week - thanks so much for the thorough documentation of features!

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I think we were editing at the same time there, no matter, it’s up! thanks for the help.



Here’s a better demo, Didn’t put up right one.

The module’s broken up in this one but otherwise it’s exactly the same.
Quadmod sequencer demo 2.audulus (2.7 MB)



I love that Jimbo mixer!



Hah, yes, tis me… The mixer minus the channel drives, they were too much. Will post soon.



Heyyooo! Glad to see you posting on the forum again :slight_smile:

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A quick tip - keep gates short while modulating tempos so that faster tempos can cut in while the gate is down. Also just thought that it will be the same for the pulse, so best stick to trigger for that! I may take pulse off.

Thanks for the z-1 tutorial @biminiroad I’ll have a fresh look at this and check I haven’t been hallucinating for the last week.

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you can use an internal gate smear with a timer node to shorten gates to triggers if that makes things run smoother.



Thanks. I’ll make .005 ms triggers. I need to shorten the pulse that comes out the bottom shuffler to pick up faster gates modulated in. At high speeds though, the timer doesn’t pick up a pulse shortened too much so I may have to make it dynamic or make a compromise somewhere, will think about it. At medium speeds, replacing .5 with .2 is better.

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New demo up. Quadmod modular

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Just put up a final version. The initial idea of feeding back modulation to the other sequencers was a bad idea, thought I’d get away with it, but no… I extracted 0to1 modulation from the sequencer count instead that can be used for extra modulation.



You might want to remove the old versions to keep people from accidentally downloading them.

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Good point and thanks for the advice. I think it’s ok now, it is what it is.



After learning more from the great tutorials you guys have been putting up, I realize that I haven’t been programming ideally. The mod quad works but I didn’t understand the concept of jitter and working in the “n-1” zone which clicked while watching @robertsyrett 's counter tutorial. That was a mental block for a while.
Anyway, I just came up with a similar concept, using a counter with a straight count and a parallel count with the maths applied, I hope this is all good. I developed a gate type select, pulse, gate, and gate hi which I think avoids jitter. I didn’t bother with the row of “cv” knobs on this, I just put the sequencer numbers straight in to lfos because the whole point is just the pattern it outputs, You could just use a basic sequencer, the mux numbers are there. Anyway I thought I’d just post this as I think it’s a closer to what I envisaged and I might be on to something with the gates. I need to sort out the reset before it’s postable as a module, but in the mean time… mod concept.audulus (1000.0 KB)



Just broke it down and worked on it a bit more… modseqbreakdown.audulus (941.6 KB) Still not done the reset, the first gate is missed at the start to get the shuffle on the right beat.




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This is so much fun to play with! The build is a bit opaque but what do I care if it’s this much fun?


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