Quadmod sequencer


Yeah I wonder if it’s opacity is a bit less enticing than the quality of the work deserves. It’s a sick track. I could imagine a clock sync hooked up and you have a lived set tool.


It’s a result of thinking about resets, pendulums and the illusory, weaving sequences they produce. Pendulums seem to be implemented in many different ways but this way, it keeps it’s sequence length with the groove. The algorithm is avoiding repeating notes on the pendulum and on odd numbered inner cycle lengths, skips a note on the way back. It seems to work in producing some characteristic illusive grooves. I would like to get in to the detail with sequencing, subtly tweaking things and getting more complex but it’s not really practical right now within audulus, the way I’m envisioning, not optimized… just yet. Perhaps I’m showing lack of experience here. The Turing was handy to mix it with the regular beats which works well, “hooked on” beats is not really what I want to produce but it’s a good exploration of all the weaves it does, majors, minors. It’s an exploration really and learning to build, it;s all work in progress…
I’ll be getting kitted out more musically soon, am lacking in that area at mo, I’d like to post something musical at some point.Never thought I’d be considering getting a Mac as well!


Experimenting with the Inner and outer cycle lengths is a good way to see what’s going on here.


Imagine we had a tool like Traktor but for mixing patches…in other words, if you could run two patches in parallel then you could mix them. It makes me wonder about alternative mixing methods. Makes me think that morphing could be utililized in place of, say, EQing when blending tracks (patches).


I updated the patch so it’s more playable. I added a 4 track 2 step cv recorder to freeze cv coming from the Turing to the bass line. I left the drums as they are, a better fx technique this time. I circuit bent the stock clock with shuffle with the added counter that is needed, although the reset is still not ideal. I put stage outputs on the gate select comparator which is useful. The quantizer is missing a transpose for key changes at the moment and is just rooted at A

I’ll try and explain the sequencer better -

The outer cycle is the loop length, the inner cycle is a loop within the outer cycle loop and the pendulum is what it is. I wanted to explore the pendulum as ones that I’ve used didn’t really make much sense to me so I made it maybe in an unconventional way but it makes more sense for me.

Thanks for the feedback, you’re right, I didn’t make it playable and it wasn’t a tune, so I think I made it someway playable and aim to do one or the other in future patches instead of tinkering, good call. I’m not quite set up for music production yet but that will come.
Mod seq playable patch.audulus (929.6 KB)
Just reuploaded correcting a gate to the turing, is a minor detail.


Nice sounding patch! Bit of a Steevio vibe. Definitely possible to get lost in listening to it for quite some time.

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