Purpose built iOS rack



Nice! A local buddy of mine that runs a small eurorack company here in Utah (Softwire Synthesis is about to release a limited run of a Beatstep Pro eurorack breakout module that you may be interested in. Check it out: https://instagram.com/p/Bjk19ZGgLhu/


That’s quite interesting! The Color Fader module too!


I see the ERD works with more than just soil!


Next we’ll have a Mutable Instruments Spuds, complete with the ability to modulate between Red and Idaho and including a “French Fry” feedback circuit :cowboy_hat_face:


So, I was talking to a module builder who has made the ERD before. He was going to make a few with a latching door over the dirt compartment so we could add whatever we want. Sadly he was waiting on a PCB diagram and no progress has been made.