Purpose built iOS rack



ok this is freaky, I was -just- shopping around for a 'scope and DATA and O’Toole are ones I am keen on, and then I came across RF Modulars short wave radio module…it must be the ad placement on Matrixsynth or something…

Ha! SO is DATA or Otoole the only prebuilt options? I see some DIY stuff but I already have 3 DIY modules in the rack and wanted prebuilt for the rest…

Oh and HI from the new Forums!


Yeah, basically. Go for DATA if money and HP is not an object, or it does something you like. O’Toole is better for small racks where you just need a small scope.

And welcome!


My modular group is trying to design a DIY oscilloscope as a kit, I’ll post here if anything comes of it!


oh please do… I just dropped the investment in my rack secondhand prebuilt…

*mantis case, clouds, rings, OnC, TempsUtile,m32,0coast,PO32,distinmk3,MusicThingModular, RadioMusic and I hook into macbook pro and get it init into Ableton/Logic with a Yamaha MG10XU *retired the focusrite 2i2 1stgen

according to modulargrid I have 24hp left without the 0coast mounted in it, I moved the mother32 into the rack…I’m still getting a handle on eurorack and Ive only been into Synthesis for ~2 years now…(as a Guitarist, wannabebassplayer and some keys/piano) but Ive been at my most productive with the ipad 10.5" and Launchpad in all honesty…

this noise collector rack above is very interesting!!

I can play samples with the disting and RM but I saw a casemod for the PO32 and probably have to get it now…


Interested in a kit if this goes through


So I wound up switching the Ears to Foltek’s Synesthesia. Since I already have contact mics at home, I don’t need to duplicate it in rack form, and the Folktek has 4 I/Os so I can rout all my externals into one source. And they accept bitcoin, so as soon as this dude answers my email, it’s on!


Jealous! I want this module to help fill out my mostly Folktek-based system but haven’t been able to justify it yet. Were you the one in the Folktek Mescaline User Group on Facebook asking about this? (I may have replied) Once you can get a hold of one of these I bet you’ll love it. His work is great. The way he does the windowed lighting looks great on his modules when they’re in action too. I currently own a full Mescaline system (all 3 modules in copper) and a Conduit module (w/Resist).
To give you an idea on their hit&miss communications:
I e-mailed them on 4/9 regarding a repair to replace a vactrol in my Conduit unit. Without hearing back from them, I sent them another e-mail with the original request reminding them not to forgot about me basically on 4/16. I just barely heard back from them yesterday (5/3/18) apologizing that my request went unnoticed and that I’m good to ship the repair to them. They’re an incredibly small company for the work they do and seem like cool cats so I don’t think the lack of prompt replies is intentional. They are always super nice. Anywho, let me know how it goes!


I did indeed. I’m just twitchy about paying with bitcoin. Cuz, like, I could have enough money today, but the value drops tomorrow and I don’t anymore. Kind of why I’m looking to use the last of mine. It’s more stable than it was, but it’s still a habit of mine to act fast with it,


Also they are probably at super booth.


So it begins

And where my tinkering says it may go

And thinking I’ll add a Beatstep Pro for interfacing with everything


Very niiiice!!! Can we get a wider picture of that stand?


The podium? Yeah. The original idea was to use it as my eurorack “case”, but at this point it feels like putting a square peg in a round hole


That is amazing. Perhaps will be lit up at some point? To respond to CVs??


That’s the goal, using a Razmasynth Shibuya. If I can ever get my hands on one…


Nice! Did you end up buying the module directly from Folktek still or through a shop?


Through them


Nice! They currently have my Conduit and Channel (oscillator/FX section of Mescaline) in for repair. Can’t wait to see what fun surprises they have for the Matter II when it is released.


Progress being made


Baby steps!


Yup, next is ES-8 and Data.