Problem with Downloading Patches from Forum on iOS



Hi, (first post here !) I downloaded the slowburn patch on my IPad’s audulus folder and i can open it in Audulus. The problem is that no sound comes out when i open it. even if the peak detector seems to receive a signal …


Can you post a screenshot of the patch? Perhaps something is miswired.

Can you get sound out of Audulus otherwise?


Did you turn up the volume on the output node? Its all the way to the right of the patch and has a speaker icon on it. I posted the patch with the volume turned down so that people didn’t get a blast of sound when they opened the patch. The Slow Burn patch may not be able to run on your iPad. Check the CPU percentage in the lower right corner. If it’s above about 75% you may get cracking sounds. It definately won’t run on an Air 2


Yes other patches work well


It sounds like the volume might not be turned up in the patch then, or there are some settings there that need to change. Can you upload the patch as is?


The volume button is up and the patch is exactly the one I downloaded on the audulus site : Slow burn (692.1 KB)

(I just downloaded it again)

Thx by the way :slight_smile:


It’s a 1st generation iPad air

cpu : 140% but no cracking sound (no sound at all)


Oh haha this is simple why it’s not working - it uses too much CPU. You see how the CPU meter in the bottom is at 144%? Audio will start dropping out somewhere near 75-90%. If it’s over 100, you might get some intermittent crackling, but silence also makes sense.

This patch just barely runs on my Macbook Pro, taking up about 60% of its runtime.



Ok !!!

Sorry for that stupid question


Oh don’t worry! Not a stupid question. I should have remembered how CPU intensive this patch was and started from there. But basically if Audulus makes sound in other situations and a certain patch just doesn’t, then it’s something to do with that patch.

Let us know if you need any more help! It’s a cool one - maybe @stschoen can record a clip of it and upload it so you can hear it?


Yeah, That patch is a real CPU hog. It runs fine on my Mac, but it’s not even close on my iPad. I’ll see if I can thin it down enough to run on an iPad. It’s often the effects that suck up most of the CPU horsepower. This one has an over-the-top phaser I built that’s cool, but not very efficient. If I come up with something I’ll let you know.


The patch runs at 50% on a 2017 iPad Pro! I’m not really sure what it’s supposed to do though. I also am trying to figure out how to have background audio. I thought Audulus had background audio before, but I can’t figure out where to enable this.


The wrench in the upper left corner of the browse window


Before the iPad fix it wouldn’t run at all. The latest update improved things a lot. High end Macs still have an edge but the iPad Pros will run most patches now.


Thanks! It’s running in the background as I type this.


I put together a less demanding version. It will run on my iPad. Don’t know if it will run on an Air 1 but it should be closer. Take out the delays if it is still too much. Slow Burn - music to contemplate antisocial acts by


Any updates on the patch download issue? Hope this can get resolved soon-ish, I’m itching to download RudigerMeyer’s Hordijk re-creations! I know there are a couple workarounds but I don’t use dropbox or any cloud storage things.


None yet - I will check back in with the Discourse people. They’re the ones that have to fix it.

An easier workaround than dropbox is to directly transfer them from your computer to your iOS device while it’s plugged in and syncing. Have you tried that?


Cheers, Mark! Didn’t know that was an option, I’ll give it a shot. Thanks!


Yeah you just plug it in and use iTunes, go to your device, and File Transfer then select Audulus. Then you can add stuff directly there. If you have iCloud turned on you can just dump it in your iCloud folder too thats usually what I do since the patches are small and don’t take too long to transfer over wireless :+1: