Pocket operator modular system


This looks AMAZING! God bless these companies for making cheap modular - get more people introduced to the concepts and hooked on this way of making music.


I love that they have pocket operator coffee cups at the end. Well I think we might finally have reached the peak of the modular zeitgeist, but every time I think that I end up being wrong. If these work directly with eurorack, I might have to skip the volca modular and proceed directly to the PO shop!



I had a look and these are available to order with delivery in about 4 weeks. The smaller system is $349 and includes a single square wave oscillator, a triangle and square wave LFO, a VCF, VCA and 16 step sequencer/keyboard. The larger system is $499 and has 3 oscillators (square, saw, and sine) noise, random generator, 2 envelopes, 2 VCAs,VCF, mixer and sequencer. The modules are Eurorack compatible.


MUST… FIGHT THE URGE TO ORDER… LARGE SYSTEM… :grimacing::triumph::tired_face::sweat::triumph::confounded::crazy_face:


shrugs and pats his Pulp Logic waterproof lunchbox

Expert Sleepers should make a standalone ES-8 for people who want to hook Audulus and an iPad up to this PO system.


An ES-8 and a FH-2 sandwiched together. I know I’m being unreasonable, but I can dream.


I was just making my way to the forum to ask if I was perhaps making an irrational decision for seeing these appear in my google newsfeed from the verge just a few hours prior and with a not big but also not insubstantial percentage of the bonus I just received a few days ago from last quarter (which was supposed to replenish the funds after Christmas spending, but instead) I proceeded within seconds to the TE site and pre-ordered the 16 and the 400 so I can play with analog sounds and apply all the synth concepts I’ve learned from Sound on Sound and my friends and mentors at the Audulus forum! I just got so excited, and I still am, but I have that little voice in the back of my head saying, “this might call for a second opinion or two from the forum, since you’re completely new to physical (I’ve only been working with software - VCV Rack and Audulus mostly) modular synth, and you don’t wanna blow a grip of cash that was already kinda spoken for on something that’s not going to be worth it…” With that being said, wise purchase that’s gonna be worth the investment, as my pursuit of musical skill and knowledge continues growing, or not so much? Thoughts? :thinking: @biminiroad and @robertsyrett I’m really hoping you guys will give your opinions when you get a chance

Edit: or third option, would I maybe be making a better decision in purchasing the combo system instead? It’s the first one @stschoen mentioned with the single square wave oscillator and a few less bells and whistles, but it would include the keyboard and the modules in one package and chop my purchase price in half. Good compromise? I need your opinions, my wise and talented friends :blush:


I can definitely understand the impulse! I think the choice is really up to you though. Definitely be wise with your money if you are cutting things close month to month. That said, the larger system definitely is more appealing as it has almost all the parts of an old-school modular the kind that cost $40,000 and lived only in universities.

Perhaps the thing to do is wait a few weeks for the inevitable wave of youtube videos of people reviewing them to come out and you can see if maybe they are flimsier than they appear or something.


I was really tempted when I saw this at first, but then I realized I could get a Moog Mother 32 for a hundred bucks more than the $499 package. Am I making an unreasonable comparison? This is very tempting but so is some sweet sweet Moogery. But I’m easily confused here. Thanks. :slight_smile:


There are a lot more possibilities in the PO modular but perhaps the construction zone yellow folded frame isn’t to your taste? The MO-32 is much more about getting a single oscillator moog filter voice that you can use in other patches. It has kind of a wonky sequencer but it seems like plenty of people have made it work for them. I think these PO-modulars are going to be squealing noise monsters, but I should be mistaken. We’ll have to wait for some quality demos.

I’m also trying to temper my impulse to buy because it seems like we are gonna see a bunch of new product launches for 2019 and there might be something EVEN COOLER.


My hunch is that by the end of the week, we will be swimming in big announcements from NAMM :wink:


I’m worried about those Elektron teasers. Those digi boxes seem to be my kryptonite.


Ugh everything that Teenage Engineering spits out is lovely.


I suggest you to wait until the first wave of people resell their preordes on the used market.
These „modular systems“ will have an abysmal reselling value.

I‘ve got some claims for this.

  1. You cannot return them after you‘ve „kind of“ DIY bent the sheetmetal in place. People with buyers remorse just can‘t unmake it by sending it back to the vendor.

  2. DIY in general lowers the resale value. Their systems may not be affected by it as strong as it‘s the case on normal DIY modules because it‘s only the sheetmetal? Also… you cannot put it back into the original packaging to sell it. Well… unless you‘ll try to „unbend“ it - but that may be difficult. And sheetmetal can only be bend a certain amount if times before it brakes.

  3. It could be a wobbly experience. I doubt the sheetmetal is stiff enough. I could imagine you can‘t unplug jacks with one hand, because the mass isn‘t high enough. (Thats the only I don‘t like about the Moog DFAM. Oh and a missing reset.)

  4. It‘s a imho VERY good advertisement. With that funky tune behind it (which I doubt you can create with these systems), it will attract many non modular kids to try out modular - which may regret their delve into the tedious darkness of these systems. Do you remember how long it took you to get your first proper modular patch? At that pace, you could‘ve won some games at Fortnite or Dota2.

  5. It‘s not really modular in the „classical“ way. The „faceplates“ are fixed. You may interchange Osc or Filters for alike. As a systems engineer I would call it a product configuration, while a typical eurorack (or alike) system would consist of more basic building blocks.

TEs systems are more like a car, where you can choose which color your rims should have. But you can‘t just install a turbine, like in eurorack.

I would suggest you to wait and don‘t preorder.



That is impressive! Is this something that already is out or a demo of a product forthcoming?


It was announced today after it was leaked. There are still a lot of questions about limitations and features though.


Seriously not interested. Neither the modular nor the sampler. It’s tempting to get a classic modular wall I could have never acquired in my whole life, but this just doesn’t feel right. Nonetheless TO made imho the better approach than Korg with the Volca modular. Full Eurorack compatibility is great for starters to take a first no regrets step into modular and advance from there


It’s not even a samples :stuck_out_tongue: It’s just a sample player.


So it’s a rompler? Or is it possible to upload your own samples?