Korg Volca Modular


Can’t find any info on this other than on Reddit, but looks amazing!


Wow, that is a a volca I would get more than one of if they had chainable power supplies like the 4ms pods. Also, that is a volca that is 100% going to be modded into a eurorack module by someone the day it comes out.


Apparently a Volca Drum is also on the way: http://cdm.link/2018/12/korg-volca-modular-volca-drum-leaks/

I’ve been looking for something fun (and affordable) to sample into the Digitakt, this could be pretty cool for that!


It’s official:


Sounds pretty dope to me!


I think this is the one I want two of. One to open up and circuit bend!:crazy_face:

edit: I just realized I made this exact statement a month ago, now I feel a little silly.


Nothing wrong with that!



And that’s all the default patch! I think this is going to be really interesting.


Agreed! I’m definitely going to pick one up.


That’s pretty cool!


It’s pretty cool at that price point but to my ears the demos of it that I have found sound anemic compared to the 0-Coast – though it has the advantage of being less than half the price.


I think the main draw is the portability. The Volcas are all battery powered.


To be fair I think you have to compare it to units at about the same price point. My first synth (If you want to call it that) was a CASIO VL-1 bought primarily for the purpose of driving my workmates crazy. (it worked!)

I probably should have hung onto it. I can’t believe they’re still selling them used. I think I paid about $30 for it. Not a great synth, but it had a calculator built in. :cowboy_hat_face:


Practical. :hammer_and_wrench: