Feedback circuit


I would like to create (classic) feedback circuits with effects / modulator … both simple and more complex but as I start with audulus and I do not understand how to create this circuit. I tried with the various mixer proposed but I can not do anything.
Do you have any advice or examples to offer? thank you in advance


What type of feedback are you looking for?


I am looking to do feedback circuits with delay / reverb / distortion and other effects. In another case I would like to “replicate” the Mick Gordon feedback circuit for the Doom video game.

List of pedal


So, something that sounds like distorted guitar feedback?


yes !


guitar feedback sound.audulus (143.2 KB)

This is the patch I have been using lately, you can control the pitch with any 1/Oct signal and experiment with effects.

You can also check out the library delay modules inside and copy and paste their feedback loops.


Thanks a lot !

Is there a technique to create a feedback loop with the available modules? Without having to use the nodes?


I don’t understand, modules are the same as using nodes. I honestly am unsure what you are asking for, so the best I can do is show you some of my favorite patches that sound like or use feedback.

delay feedback.audulus (40.7 KB)

Here is a delay-based feedback patch for you. It has a filter in the feedback loop that makes a tone when you feed noise into the system.


thanks again.

What I would like to replicate is a feedback loop in the same style as when chaining effect pedals (delay, distortion …) with a mixer using auxiliary inputs outputs.