Feedback circuit

Oh for sure! I mean I think Audulus is definitely the outlier among modular software to allow you to directly connect a wire to a knob and modulate every parameter. So the question isn’t will modulating be possible but rather is it good? Is this design choice useful and fun? I think it is. I still remember having a lightbulb moment when I realized I could patch a wire to a knob and finally modulate every parameter.

But at any rate, this is a little off topic and a rehash of a previous discussion to boot.

Whatever way Audulus 4 goes I think it’ll be fun and I’m looking forward to it.

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Judging by how few people are on the forum vs. actual users, I think this is spot-on.

I think if we do end up ditching direct modulation to knobs, we’ll still have modulation inputs for everything to make up for that. In a way, this is better because it allows you to use the knob as either an offset or an attenuator, depending on how you have it wired internally. Otherwise the wire is just taking over the knob and you can’t do anything else with the knob.


Is that an automatic input or you mean the library modules will have modulation inputs?

I think another possible upside for everybody (not just builders) will be multitouch. With all your fingers available for tweaking knobs, it might clear up the interface. Obviously that only applies to iOS but still.

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You’ll have to add the input, since there’ll be some times when people might want to make a module without a modulation input for a knob. It’ll be easy enough though.

And yes multitouch will be great!


I definitely vote for retaining wire-to-knob–or something like it! It gives you flexibility to use a module in unexpected ways. I’ve used it tons of times.