Audulus Mac UI vs iOS: Keyboard & Search

  1. Does the Mac version have the handy piano/midi keyboard UI feature, which comes with the iOS version?

  2. If no, is there a way to use my computer keyboard as a piano/midi keyboard (natively or as a module which someone created)?

  3. Is there a way to Search modules by entering keywords in the Mac version (like in the iOS one)?


  1. Not by default, but @robertsyrett apparently made one, which I was able to find by searching for the old forum. The bad news is that I am not a member of the old forum, so I am only able to tell you it exists, and nothing more. Robert can see that he is tagged here and provide it for you when he gets a chance.

  2. Not exactly sure how it works, as I bought a MIDI keyboard before buying Audulus for Mac. See above ^

  3. Use the Help menu search function to find patches like the screenshot I snapped a second ago.

If you’re new to Audulus, I would recommend searching “know your nodes” on, as there is so much learning potential available for free in that series that Robert made. You’ll like him, he’s a good dude, and a great teacher! Happy patching! :smile:


Thank you!

I will get a small midi keyboard soon (I have a minilogue, but it’s not exactly portable :slight_smile:) and if someone finds the patch in the mean time, even better…

Thanks for the Help menu suggestion!

I will watch the Know Your Nodes series. I saw someone else post the clock one in regards to a clock question I had.


Notes.audulus (50.8 KB)

This might help.



Thank you. I forgot I have the Easy MIDI!

How do I use the Notes patch? I don’t understand :expressionless:


notes 2.audulus (92.5 KB)


Thank you!!


keyboard.audulus (32.3 KB)

This is the @robertsyrett patch talked about above.


Actually that was one of the first Audulus patches I created back in August of 2016. Not the greatest keyboard, but serviceable for testing.


Credit where credit is due, that was definitely an @stschoen patch. I was just fond of sharing it with people.


thank you! i will play with it and post here if i have any questions!


Sorry I misinformed the group :frowning_face: Big ups to @stschoen for making that patch, though!


No sweat! I’m thinking about making a little macOS app with a MIDI keyboard that can be played from the Mac keyboard that could be used with Audulus on the Mac. That way we could have multitouch (Oh boy, chords at last!). I’m pretty well supplied with real keyboards so it hasn’t been a big priority but I’m teaching myself to program in macOS Core Audio and MIDI and it seems like a reasonable project.


That would be cool.

I’m thinking about buying the QuNexus keyboard, because moving around my minilogue or some other piece is not exactly portable. But if you built the Mac Os app I would use it. Just like having the cue points in Serato as keys on the keyboard is useful (even if you have a controller that you use most/the rest of the time).


The QuNexus looks like a very capable controller for such a small unit. I have a little Korg nanoPad2 that I carry with me when I’m traveling. Not the best keyboard but it gets the job done.


:open_mouth: That’s awesome!


oh i have one too… i didn’t realize i can use it as a keyboard… :wink: i used to use it as a secondary controller while dj-ing to set custom loops. thanks for the suggestion!


If you’re looking for the best (what I feel is the most affordable) multipurpose controller for Audulus on the go, check out the Korg NanoKey Studio. It’s currently $129 on Amazon and it has 25 keys, 8 rotary encoder knobs/pots, 8 pads, controller based arpeggiator function, and a Kaoss Pad. Not sure if any of that is incompatible with Audulus, but I have been eying that since it came out because it seems like it would be the best all around and I have read some pretty good reviews about producing on the go with it, cuz it is BTLE and it weighs only like a pound. Just thought maybe someone else might be interested in that option, as well :slight_smile:


I agree - I have one too, and it’s a really great control surface for just about anything on my iPad