Where to place text-file patches in Audulus

Hi guys! Sorry, it’s long time I don’t use Audulus and actually I’m a complete noob…but I don’t know where to place the text-file patches that I download from this forum. Thanks!

Sorry, I forgot: I’m on a Mac…

Hi @babasynth, welcome to the forum. Glad to have you with us. When you download a patch file from the forum using Safari, it adds a .txt extension. Since .audulus isn’t a known file type to the Forum software, it sends a MIME type of text and Safari adds the extension as a security precaution. You simply need to rename the file by removing the .txt extension from the file name. You can place the resulting file wherever you like. I keep mine in the Audulus iCloud folder, using subfolders to keep them organized, but you can place them anywhere in the file system.
You can change your file download preferences in the Safari preferences pane under general. I have mine set to “Ask for each download”. That way Safari will allow you to remove the .txt extension and select a location each time you download a file.

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Awesome! Thank you very much Stephen, you’re great, man! So now I can enjoy your beautiful creations until I start to make mine!