What does it take to make a good drone module?


One of the things I’ve been curious about is making Audulus modules that can do good drone sounds for ambient music.

What are some good techniques for making good drone modules?

How do you make them evolve over time? How do you keep them interesting?

Neo-Riemannian Drone

Define drone. Because if you want wand slowly shifting timbres it’s as simple as taking a couple slightly detuned oscillators and slowly sweeping some wave-shaping parameters, maybe running it through a filter, and drenching in reverb.

drone formula.audulus (190.0 KB)

As far as making then evolve over time, you can crossfade different type of waveshapers and wet effects to create a variety of overtones ambient spaces. LFOs modulating LFO’s also gives your ear something to be interested in.


The neo-riemannan clocked slow makes for an interesting progression if you want a chordal background


@stschoen I think I’m going to need a demo patch :wink:


I encountered Riemann through Gill Deleuze’s use of his concept of multiplicity and several other ideas. Can you tell me what the connection is, as I am assuming the namesake for the clock is: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernhard_Riemann


I built a module a while back modeled after the Ornaments & Crime Eurorack module which included this transform. It’s a method of chord progression which only move one note of the triad at a time. Makes for some interesting variations. If you use it as a way to change the underlying chord periodically it can add some movement to a background. I’ll post the module when I get a change to get back on the Mac. It should still be on the old forum.


Different Reimann. Should have known better. :blush:
I have absolutely no music theory background, so I am interested to give it a shot…Thanks.


Found it!

Neo-Riemannian Transformer.audulus (434.0 KB)


I did a uModular version as well uModular Riemannian.audulus (93.1 KB)
Much more compact.


This was sort of what I had in mind:

Neo-Riemannian drone.audulus (784.5 KB)


My iPad mini 4 can’t run this without crackling. If only they had made an iPad pro in a smaller size! I had to choose b/w size and processing power, and went for size. It’s funny because it is slower than an iPhone 6. But here we are with iPhone X but no fast mini? Idiots. Make the chips upgradable and save us from disposable culture…


The load is mostly my over-the-top phasers. Delete those and it should be fine.


I Def want to build long stretchy drones with ad3, I feel most iOS synths fall short but this looks promising


Neo-Riemannian drone (Future Aztec Remix).audulus (520.7 KB)