West Coast Synthesis Tutorial Livestream June 2nd 2pm EST




Join us tomorrow at 2pm at http://www.youtube.com/audulus/live to get a walkthrough of a new West Coast-style synth.

Originally I was going to do East vs. West, but I decided to keep the Livestream a little more concise and just talk West Coast for this one.

You can preview the synth below. By the time the livestream happens, the internals will look a lot neater, and there will be comments explaining everything inside.

Rasmus v0.1.audulus (256.5 KB)

West Coast 3 (heating up).audulus (798.3 KB)


Cool, looking forward to this! How long do you plan it to be?


Probably 30-45 minutes. I love hanging out for a long time with everyone but it ends up making a long video thats hard to go back to for people who werent watching it live.


Here is the final version before the livestream - it’s fully commented on the inside. Open it up and play along as you watch! Going live at 2pm EST.

Rasmus v1.0.audulus (267.8 KB)


!he low pass gate it looking pretty cool!
Also that oscilloscope software is like $0.99.

Edit: How did you get the oscilloscope to stay on top like that?


Thanks! I’ll post it and the Rasmus synth later today in the appropriate areas.

I just put the window up there and resized it :slight_smile:


I think I paid like $5.00 for it. Well worth the price.


I’m already mesmerized


I’m looking forward to having a scope in Audulus, but this one does pretty well. It’s nice to see whats going on at audio frequencies. The X-Y mode is also a lot of fun.