Waveform node - option to flip the scrolling

Perhaps it’s just me, but the waveform node display appears reversed (to my way of thinking). I realize that the current input value is shown at the left and historic values are scrolling to the right, but intuitively I would like to see this in reverse so that a rising sawtooth input actually looks like it’s rising rather than falling. Perhaps until we have the much-requested oscilloscope node (or module) it would be nice to have an option to flip the waveform node to show the current input value at the right with historic values scrolling to the left. Does this make sense?


Makes perfect sense to me. I always thought it was backwards.

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It definitely took me a while to get used to it. I think, as you pointed out, the current direction is to indicate the general flow of inputs towards outputs that is in all the node designs. But I am used to looking at waveforms in DAW arrange views, where the waveform would appear inverted. I hope that the next iteration of the waveform will also have the ability to behave as an oscilloscope and can be scaled in size.


I’ll second the motion. Scrolling as an oscilloscope does would be a very useful option. Perhaps an option for the node.