Waveform Meter VST/AU


I’m taking a synthesis course online and I would like to use a real time waveform meter in conjunction with whatever synth (vst/au) I am using for the course.

The instructor in the course has the meter (see below), but I cannot find out where to get it from or how to find an alternative.

Do you have an idea where I can get this kind of analysis tool?

I use Oscilloppoi for my oscillator needs, I also sometimes will just record into Ableton and zoom in on the waveforms.

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I use Janus Thorborg‘s (free & open source) Signalizer.

It hast an oscilliscope, a spectrum analyzer and a vectorscope.
(I still don‘t completely get what the vectorscope does :smile:)


I can’t tell from your image whether the synth is running s a plugin or stand-alone. Either way there are lots of scopes and spectrum analyzers available. Oscilloppoi is a nice stand-alone app. I use Soundflower to feed the output from Audulus to Oscilloppoi. I’ve tried a few plug-ins, but haven’t really found the need. Ableton and reaper both allow you to examine a waveform once it’s recorded and they both have spectrum analysers.

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I can’t tell how he is running the visualizations in the screenshot either. The synth is a VST in Ableton. But the rest could either be a VST or external application(s).

I am looking for a meter which measures the waveform over time (so that I can see the envelope of the hits). Does Oscilloppoi support this? I downloaded it but I have not configured it to receive the proper input yet. It also didn’t look like it supports waveforms over time (so I can see the envelope).

I did use the DAW to zoom in after recording. But that’s significantly time consuming when you are playing with the ADSR settings and want to see a visual representation of your tweaks in real time. I also find the waveforms in my DAW (Bitwig) to be not so great when you zoom in a bunch.

I downloaded Signalizer before I made this thread BUT for some reason it’s only opening in one of the modes and I could not easily figure out how to configure it. I will play with it some more and if it’s still not behaving I will post here. Maybe you can help me get it to behave properly.

It’s cool to see someone else using it in this forum!

If the synth is a VST in Ableton then it’s likely that the others are also VSTs (or AUs if it is running on a Mac). I’m not exactly sure what you mean by:

In normal operation an oscilloscope displays the signal level on the vertical axis and time on the horizontal axis. In the Oscilloppoi app the horizontal axis goes from 10 microseconds to 0.5 second per division. The Trigger section controls the start of each horizontal sweep. If you feed the waveform into channel A and the envelope into channel B and trigger off channel B you should see the envelope if you have the time per division set slow enough. At least I think that’s what you’re trying to look at.

When you open up a new instance of the signalizer it opes in vectorscope mode.
If you click into the window and move the cursor to its upper border a little menu should show up.

Here you can switch into the other modes and change their settings.

The creator of the plugin made a video about the oscilloscope and its settings that should be helpful.

(In the video he uses 4 instances of the signalizer in different modes)

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That’s an impressive demo of the features. I’ll definitely have to give it a try.

This is the part I was missing… :slight_smile: I did not realize I can slow it down this much. I thought it only works on a super zoomed in/micro level.

I will try this and post if I have any questions. Thank you!

I knew I was missing something fundamental… ;)) I will try it shortly. Thanks!