VST for Windows? And how to purchase license?

Hi, I’m using Audulus on Windows and I want to use it as a VST to Ableton Live 10.

How do I accomplish this?


The VST is typically installed as part of the stand-alone install. It’s installed to C:\Program Files\Steinburg\VSTPlugins. Depending on how your Live is set-up you may need to move the VST or add this location to Live’s preferences. AFAIK the Windows license is no longer available but if you have a license, it should work with the final Windows version of Audulus available at: Audulus 3.6 for Windows

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Can I get the iOS version and use that license? Thanks!

Since the iOS and macOS versions of the app are only sold through the App Store, there are no licenses needed. Only the Windows (and Linux) versions required a license. Do you currently have a Windows license? The same license works for both the stand-alone and VST. The VST won’t run unless the stand-alone version is installed and licensed on the same machine. You could message the developer @Taylor but if you don’t have a current license I’m not sure he will be able to help.

Does anyone know if the Windows version of Audulus was available in a 32 bit version? Thanks!