Variable Step Chainable Sequencers

Variable Step Chainable Sequencers

This is a reface of the sequencer family I built for the uModule collection. There are three types of sequencers included. A set with fixed gates, a set with external inputs for the sequencer values and a set with variable gate output. The original unit had toggles to switch the gate for each step on or off, but @biminiroad’s unit with variable gate heights seemed like a better solution.
Each set has a master and slave module. The master can be used alone or chained with one or more slave modules. The last module in the chain has the output and gate for the whole chain and each module also has it’s own outputs. The maximum number of clocks per step for each module can be set from 0 to 48 and the number of clocks for each step can be set from 0 to the max. Setting a step to 0 clocks will skip the step. The gate goes high on the rising edge of the first clock and low on the falling edge of the last clock for the step.
The external input variant can be used to sequence external signals. I have used it to sequence chords but other applications are possible.
The variable gate version outputs gates from 0 to 1 based on the knob setting. It can be used for dynamics and also to skip gates.
I have included a brief set of instructions in the file.

Version History

Revision File Date Notes
2.0 Variable Step Chainable Sequencers.audulus (347.8 KB) 02/01/2019 Reface of uModules

Such amazing stuff. I hope you save some time for sleep!