Variable Count Chainable Sequencers Reface


Variable Step Chainable Sequencer MK II

This is basically a reface of my earlier chainable step sequencer. Like the original. it allows for multiple units to be chained together and features a variable number of counts (clock pulses) for each sequencer step. There are two versions, the first has a knob to set each step’s value and a toggle to control the gate, and the second has an input for each step so that a set of external values can be sequenced. This is useful for sequencing values for a chord generator, pattern generator, etc. Each version has a m aster module followed by zero or more slave units. The gate and value output for the chain are available at the last module and each module in the chain also has individual outputs. I’m hoping that this version is a little less confusing than the original. Complete instructions are in the patch file.


Input Signal Range Notes
chain poly input from previous module. On the master, input from the last unit in the chain.
reset 0 to 1 gate resets the sequencer
clock 0 to 1 gate clock input to the sequencer

Output Signal Range Notes
chain poly output to next module - looped back to the master from the last module in the chain
gate 0 to1 gate gate out from the module - normally connected to gate in on the next module in the chain.
out 0 to 1 modulation sequencer output (chain output from the last module)


Control Function Notes
Max/step maximum step count sets the maximum number of clocks for each step from 1 to 48. vThis controls the range for the count value for each step.
count for step clock count for step sets the number of clocks for each step
value output value output value for the step - external input for the external version
gate gate on/offwhen off (blue) no gate is generated for the step - allows for rests - note: value for the step is still output


Meter Displays Notes

See patch file

Version History

Revision File Date Notes
1.0 Chainable sequencer Mk II V1.0.audulus (432.2 KB) 09/04/2019 initial upload


Revision File Date Notes
1.0 Chainable sequencer Mk II V1.0 demo.audulus (1.6 MB) 09/04/2019 initial upload