Hi all. Just liked to share this. I’m sure this will come in handy. But should I be waisting time, just let me know. It works for me anyway. I made expressions for all chromatic Hz notes from octave 0 to 7. And I included a simple example of how it might be used. Hope to contribute this way to the forum. I don’t know how to upload a patch somehow. Please let me know how to. I could e-mail it to a moderator though. And then it would become available for download.

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Hi Stanley, We’re glad to have you with us! You can upload a patch by clicking on the upload icon (looks like an upward pointing arrow) and selecting the file. sounds like a useful utility.

Hz inputs utility.audulus (86.3 KB)

well, there it is! all Octave 0 to 8 in Hrz. Hope many people will have good use of it. The Mux patch included is just a set up to test them al. Enjoy!

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Glad you finally got the patch to upload!