uSCM Shuffling Clock Multiplier


This module was inspired by the 4ms Shuffling Clock Multiplier eurorack module. It multiplies an incoming clock from 1 to 16 times and allows you to delay (or slip) every 2nd, 3rd, etc. beat (shuffle). It also allows control over the duty cycle of the output square wave. Since the delay is limited by the pulse width, lower duty cycles allow a more extreme slip. Rather than duplicate the original module, I chose to create a simpler single channel version. Since we already have a good selection of gate sequencers from @robertsyrett, I elected to leave out the skip function. By chaining a gate sequencer to the output of the SCM, various skip patterns can be created (see the demo). As always, suggestions and bug reports are welcome.


Input Signal Range Notes
clock 0-1 clock signal sets the internal clock frequency using the last two input clock pulses
reset 0-1 gate resets the internal counter

Output Signal Range Notes
output 0-1 clock


Control Function Notes
ratio%20knob multiplier set clock multiplier from 1 to 16
slip slip percent sets the slip value from 0 to 90%
shuffle shuffle count sets how often beats are slipped. The first beat is never slipped
duty%20cycle duty cycle sets the duty cycle of the output clock


The controls each have a numeric indicator to the right of the control. The input and output clock have a light that is on when the clock is high.

Version History

Revision File Date Notes
1.0 uSCM V1.0.audulus (37.4 KB) 07/25/2018 initial upload


Revision File Date Notes
1.0 uSCM V1.0 demo.audulus (762.6 KB) 07/25/2018 initial upload

First the RCD and now this? Excellent!

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I considered making a multiple output version closer to the original, but this approach allows you to have different slip and shuffle values for each different clock and saves on CPU.


Yeah, a weird thing happened. I updated my iOS and all my patches are about 20% more CPU intensive. So I have to be especially frugal with my smaller iPad.

edit: I could even go for a 4-output version of the RCD.

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I just posted a single channel version of the RCD. if you want a 4 channel unit you can simply delete the last 4 channel modules from the 8 channel version.


I think a 1 channel solution will come in quite handy!

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Really good drums with this fella.

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