uQuant Scale Based Quantizer

uQuant scales


The uQuant is a scale based quantizer. It will quantize a 1 per octave input signal using the selected scale. It includes several common scales. The root note for the scale can be adjusted and the output can be transposed +/- 6 semitones. The quantizer accepts a numeric value as the scale input which is converted to binary and used to select which notes are in the scale. Any whole number between 1 and 4095 will generate a scale. The accompanying utility module can be used to define additional scales. It has an output which can be connected to the scale input of the quantizer and a numeric display. The included scales are expression nodes with the numeric value of the scale grouped with a text label. All scales are based on a western 12 note well-tempered scale


Input Signal Range Notes
o%20input 1 per octave
scale%20input 1 - 4095 integer converted to binary internally to obtain scale notes

Output Signal Range Notes
o%20output 1 per octave output can be shifted using the transpose control
output 1-4095 scale converter output


Knob Function Notes
transpose transposes output +/- 6 semitones
root selects the root note for the scale in semitones 0 == A using standard tuning

Button Function Notes
keyboard utility module keyboard for entering scale notes


Meter Displays Notes
note%20display displays the notes in the selected scale and the current note
transpose%20display displays the transpose value semitones
root%20display displays the root note for the scale semitones
scale%20number displays the numeric value for the selected scale

Version History

Revision File Date Notes
6.2 uQuant V6.2.audulus (202.2 KB) 08/01/2018 improved CPU efficiency
6.1 superceded 05/04/2018 initial upload to new forum


Revision File Date Notes
1.2 uQuant Demo V 1.2.audulus (241.1 KB) 08/01/2018 updated uQuant module
1.1 superceded 05/04/2018 added switch between quantized and unquantized output
1.0 superceded 05/04/2018 initial upload to new forum

This module is an absolute classic!


It’s a bit of work to do the docs right, so I thought I’d post the older ones I find most useful first.


Being able to sequence scales is incredibly handy. Also the compactness of the quantizer is what I would call ‘cute’.

Here is a even more mini version I use a lot. lil 6.1.audulus (237.1 KB)


I like your “reduced” version. It was a bit of a toss-up whether to include the root and transpose controls, but they didn’t add much overhead and having a root control means not having to do a separate scale for each key, although it does make the converter somewhat ambiguous. Actually for the most part I only use a couple of keys so your version would work just as well, but I like the added flexibility.

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I tend to use this one when I have a plan already, I find adjusting the root and transpose are great tools for exploring and finding new melodies.


Constantly using this one!


Kinda wish we could get user ratings in here some how. Maybe pin a poll at the top of the post?


What kind of ratings? One version vs. another, or all patches vs. one another?

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Thank you so much for dialing the cpu hit down. Such an important, if unflashy, appreciated improvement. :flying_saucer: I have had patches where I was trying to figure a workaround, but I am such a hack at this.

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