I made an album this past September using the generative patching techniques from Audulus I have been using for the last year or so. Then, I sampled those sessions and arranged them with additional instrumentation so they were more accessible. This is a pretty mellow collection of recordings that borders on ambient music.

Thanks for listening!


wow! this is so good. are all the synth sounds from audulus or are you using an audulus / es8 / modular setup ?

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I appreciate the feedback!

Exactly, Audulus was the LFO/step-sequenced modulation almost everywhere on this collection of songs as well as my wavetable oscillator. Also, I used it like the I-Ching and would have it randomly choose the BPM and Key for each track.

Some gear used on this album: Audulus, DPO, Optomix, Maths, Turing machine, 2HP Tune, Disting, Braids, Rings, Atlantis, 0-Coast, Sub 37, Digitone, CS-60, SH-01a, Chronoblob, Moogerfooger Delay, Piano, Toy Piano, Cello, Nord Electro 6 (Harpsichord, organ, clavanet, and vibraphone), a Cat, probably other stuff I can’t think of.

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Impressive! :cowboy_hat_face::clap:

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I would say that “An Abyss of Stars” is a compositional achievement.

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