uMix 4x2 with Dual Effects Sends

#uMix 4x2 with Dual Effects Sends

This is remix of the uMix modules @stschoen recently uploaded. I thought I would add a couple of effect sends. Up to four mono inputs are mixed with two stereo effect inputs into a stereo output.

The mixer bus for send A includes send B so you could send one effect into the other.

Effects sends are sending a stereo signal, so there is no need to make two copies of effects modules within Audulus.


Input Signal Range Notes
15%20AM39x43 -1,1 audio input

Output Signal Range Notes
32%20AM87x44 -1,1 stereo mono pair, mixed output
46%20AM40x40 -1,1 stereo multiplexed signal for effects sends


Knob Function Notes
12%20AM73x80 channel input attenuator
22%20AM68x71 effects return attenuator
18%20AM77x69 panning Left to right is continuously controlled with a “equal power” panning algorithm.

Version History

Revision File Date Notes
1 superseeded 5/6/2018
1.1 4 channel stereo mixer with sends V1.1.audulus (55.1 KB) 5/8/2018 fixed a missing internal connection


Revision File Date Notes
1.1 4x2 2 sends demo.audulus (1.2 MB)
05/08/2016 same demo patch,I just edited the mixers.

Very nice, that one is going on the right click menu. A little explanation of the “extra” knob and the fact the busses are stereo would be helpful. Took me a bit to figure out how it worked.


I will definitely add notation, it’s just that the template wasn’t auto-filled and it was too late at night. :zzz:


No problem. I expect you’re worn out from doing the 1-Toast. What a massive job to document that one :cowboy_hat_face:

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Bug fix and module annotations added.


This is great but totally impractical for iOS – too much CPU. Any chance you can gut it? A version without pan, switch to mono sends? I am not sure how much processing each of these features takes up. Maybe a better move for this would be just an effects send module that can be inserted ahead of any mixer inputs. I don’t know how this sort of stuff works so I am just throwing out some ideas.


Reducing it to mono shouldn’t be too much hassle.

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This module uses 0.03% on my computer - what I’m thinking is happening is you’re sending a high poly signal into it to test? Is that so?

At a quick glance I think you are right. I loaded it up with something else and it only used 5%. I am not sure what I was running. I think I tried to use it twice and it maxed things out. So I figured that if you have enough going on to me mixing 4 tracks with A and B sends, you can’t really used a mixer that is heavy on the processor. I will definitely have a closer look.

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Remember also that 5% is also a proportion of the total usage of Audulus. So it’s not 5% of your CPU, but 5% of the total % that Audulus is using.