uMix 2x4, 4x4 and 8x4 Lightweight Mixers



These are 2x2, 2x4 and 2x8 mixers in the uModule format. They are a uModule reskin of an original design by @biminiroad. Mono inputs to each channel with a level and pan control and stereo out. The pan is a sine/cosine curve rather than a linear pan. They use a bit less screen space than the standard library mixers.


Input Signal Range Notes
input -1 to 1 Audio input

Output Signal Range Notes
output -1 to 1 left and right audio outputs


Knob Function Notes
level level adjust
pan left-right pan

Version History

Revision File Date Notes
1.0 uMix V1.0.audulus (113.6 KB) 05/05/2018 initial upload to new forum


Revision File Date Notes

Ty!~ I’ve added these to my right click collection!

How do you feel about master effects sends? That was one of the things I found quite useful about @Jimbo 8x2 stereo mixer.

Jimbo 8x2 stereo.audulus (371.1 KB)

I would personally love some sends on mixers. I was finding I wanted to apply effects during particular routing stages of patches but had to duplicate several instances of the effects modules, which eats CPU, and didn’t have wet/dry control on the mixers.

Thanks @stschoen for these, they will be put to regular use!

I’ve got nothing against having an effects bus and I use @Jimbo’s 8x2 monster myself on occasion as well as the 8x2 that’s in the older module library. There’s certainly nothing special about these units. I liked @biminiroad’s basic design and wanted something as small as practical for everyday use. It would be relatively simple to add an effects bus, but if the effects bus is stereo, you would need at least 2 more knobs per channel. I find it easier to just add another mixer to drive the effect. I do want to build one that will accept a stereo poly feed as well as mono. I was hoping that @Taylor would fix the cross wire on the stereo mux/demux pair so I wouldn’t have to rework it later.

The quad/mono nodes will work in the meantime maybe?

Hadn’t thought of that. Might be worth trying. I wonder what happens if you feed a stereo node into a quad?